$1 Kitchen Secrets: Ten Herbs And Spices That Will Make Simple Foods Pop

After my post yesterday about essential cookbooks, a reader contacted me by instant messenger to ask a really basic (and interesting) question about food preparation.

Generation Debt: The Broken Social Contract

This week, The Simple Dollar takes a look at Generation Debt, a book that proposes to show why today is a terrible time to be

Don’t Know How To Cook, But Want To Learn? Here Are The Only Two Books You’ll Ever Need

Making your own meals at home is, quite simply, far less expensive than dining out or take-out or prepackaged meals at home. However, many people


January 2007 Review – Net Worth +10.8%, Debts -0.1%, Assets +3.9%

I sat down for my monthly financial review recently to see what sort of progress I’d made in the last month. I generally break things

How To Read A Google Finance Stock Page

Lately, I’ve been using Google Finance more and more as a place to keep tabs on individual stocks. It presents the basic information I need

Generation Debt: Expensive Schooling And Cheap Labor

This week, The Simple Dollar takes a look at Generation Debt, a book that proposes to show why today is a terrible time to be


Three Money Lessons My Grandfather Taught Me

I was only seven when my grandfather passed away, but during the last year and a half of his life, he made a special effort

Why Traditional Budgets Don’t Work: Wiser Actions You Can Take Instead Of Filling Out A Budget Form

Before I faced my financial armageddon, I tried several times to squeeze my life into a traditional budget. I’d fill out some spreadsheet that someone


Penny-Pinching In The Toiletries Aisle: The Simple Dollar Looks At Toilet Paper

For those of you unaware, I am a big fan of buying in bulk, even though I live in a relatively small space (hint: don’t

Generation Debt: Overview

This week, The Simple Dollar takes a look at Generation Debt, a book that proposes to show why today is a terrible time to be

Carnival of Personal Finance #86

Welcome to the 86th Carnival of Personal Finance! For those unaware, the Carnival of Personal Finance is a series of weekly posts hosted by various

Ten Books That Changed My Life #3: Mere Christianity

Mere Christianity C.S. Lewis Changed my life in October 1996 It’s probably safe to assume that some readers will simply shut the door on this

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff: Another Way To Find Room In Your Budget For Retirement Or Other Savings

While I was reviewing David Bach’s book The Automatic Millionaire this week, I noted that he made continuous reference to “the latte factor,” which basically


Why Career Planning May Be Time Wasted – And Personal Finance Planning Isn’t

I recently read a provocative article on PsyBlog entitled Why Career Planning Is Time Wasted, which focuses on a concept called “miswanting”: The idea of


Why You Should NOT Pay For Your Child’s Education

This topic was requested by a reader who wanted to see reasons why a parent might choose not to pay for their child’s post-secondary education.

Is A Dollar In The Hand Worth Two In The Bush?

Following a recent post describing twenty three weekend personal finance projects, a discussion emerged about whether some of the projects were cost-effective given the time


Thinking Of Making A Banking Change? Here’s How To Compare Competing Bank Accounts

Recently, I’ve received emails from people asking me what I think of various checking accounts, such as ING’s Electric Orange or EverBank. I realized that

Review: The Automatic Millionaire

This week, The Simple Dollar takes a look at David Bach’s The Automatic Millionaire. I enjoyed Bach’s earlier book, Smart Couples Finish Rich, but will

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