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If you’ve ever read many personal finance advice books, you’ll find that the vast majority of them encourage the reader to make up a formal


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This morning, on my way to drop my son off at daycare, I was pulled over for speeding (61 in a 55) on an empty


Cloth Diapering: Does It Save Enough Money To Be Worth The Extra Effort?

My wife’s best friend is a very strong environmentalist – in fact, she’s often the inspiration for the more green-tinged posts on The Simple Dollar.


Tax Refund: 10 Things To Do & 5 Things Not To Do

Tax season is finally over, and millions of Americans will receive checks in the mail in the coming weeks from the IRS. Although I do

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This week, in celebration of The Simple Dollar’s impending six month anniversary (on April 30), I am giving away five top personal finance books to


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Here’s My Experience With A Side Business. What’s Yours?

Recently, a reader wrote to me asking the following: I would love to know how many of your readers supplement their incomes with side work,

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A little over a month ago, in late February and early March, the stock market in the United States took an 8% hit in a


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The May 2007 issue of Money Magazine arrived in my mailbox yesterday, and as I was at home dealing with my sore throat, I had


Frugal Ways Of Dealing With A Sore Throat And Cold

For the last few days, I’ve been combating the worst sore throat I’ve ever had in my life. It’s been so bad that it’s also


Finding Your Dream House – And Trying To Convince Yourself You Can’t Quite Afford It

My wife and I have been doing some house hunting in our area lately. We have been watching the real estate fliers carefully and have