How To Pick Out A Grocery Store After Moving – Or If You’re Looking To Save A Few Dollars

Where I live, there are no large grocery stores in a twenty mile radius (there are two small “town” groceries that are fine for incidentals,


Five Things That Seem Expensive – But Don’t Have To Be

While reading through the plethora of comments on my recent post on giving television the boot, I realized that there are many things that I


Overcoming The Social Obligation To Keep Up With The Joneses

I received a very heartfelt email from a reader that I’m going to reprint below (with some grammatical fixes). It was written to me in

Talking Yourself Out Of Unnecessary Spending: How I’m Doing It With Five Things I Really Want

Many people (myself included) often want items that they can afford, but by buying it they are really hurting their potential savings for the future.

Personal Finance 101: Grocery Store Math

Simple Math to Help You Save Recently, I received a lengthy email from a reader who had a ton of basic personal finance questions contained

Why You Should Stop Watching T.V. and What to Replace it With

My wife and I have reduced our television viewing to roughly four hours a week: two hourly dramas and maybe two more hours combined throughout

Five Simple Questions, Five Simple Answers

As the author of The Simple Dollar, I get a lot of questions on a lot of topics. Here’s a selection of five recent ones


Five Cost-Saving Reasons To Live In The Country

This Easter weekend, my wife and I are returning to my family’s old homestead out in the country. I love going back there – the

Review: Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Well, it had to happen sometime. After stirring up a hornet’s nest in my previous post, Deconstructing Robert Kiyosaki, it somewhat became inevitable that I


Short Term Savings – How To Plan For Upcoming Vacations, Auto Purchases, And So On

As I’ve mentioned before, I maintain multiple savings accounts at various institutions, mostly in an effort to keep my different savings goals in discrete places.

Orson Welles, A Zither, and Personal Finance

For those of you who don’t know, I’m a movie buff. I’ve forgotten more films than most people have ever watched. Yet, of all of


Five Minute Finances #21: Look At Your Community Calendar

Five Minute Finances is a series of tips on how you can save significant money or reorganize your financial life in just five minutes. These


Some Notes On The 60% Solution

Many people complain that budgeting is too confusing and that they have a hard time setting concrete goals for themselves, and when they do set

Rich Dad, Poor Dad: Buy or Don’t Buy?

Well, it had to happen sometime. After stirring up a hornet’s nest the last time I discussed Robert Kiyosaki, it somewhat became inevitable that I


How Department Stores Trick You Into Spending More

Ever noticed how you go to the store to just pick up one thing, then by the time you get back to the checkout aisle,


The Frugal Geek’s Toolbox

Last night, I did a survey of my toolbox, the one I lug around to handle most repair tasks around the house, with the car,


The Simple Dollar Plan For An Allowance

Over the last several months, I’ve been troubled over how exactly to handle an allowance (or lack thereof) with my son. I’ve read dozens of

Continuing The Discussion: When Does It All Pay Off?

Over at Get Rich Slowly, J.D. posted an interesting discussion on the question of when the payoff comes for all the work of being frugal,