Getting Started With A Home, Garage, and Garden

From the day I left home shortly after my eighteenth birthday, I have never lived in any place that had a garage, had any reasonable


Traveling To Family Events: Ten Tips For Saving Money

This weekend, my wife and I are traveling to see her younger sister graduate from college and also attend a small family reunion. We’ll have


Navigating Origination Fees And Points

When you go to purchase a home using a mortgage, one of the major expenses that you’ll have to pay at the close is the


Five Little Lessons Learned After The House-Buying Agreement Is Reached

The last few days have been filled with lots of little lessons about the home-buying process. Here are five little anecdotes about things we learned:


Seven Reasons Why I Chose Sam’s Club Over Costco

In the recent past, I mentioned that our new home’s location has a Sam’s Club and a Costco almost the same distance apart, and now


Three Frugal Tips For Raising And Managing A Toddler

My wife and I have a son that’s nearing nineteen months of age. For those of you not intimately familiar with raising a child, this


Ethanol Blends: Are They Worth It In Your Tank?

In Iowa, E10 gasoline (fuel composed of 10% ethanol and 90% gasoline and safe to use in normal engines) is typically $0.10 per gallon cheaper


Calculating Net Worth: What Should One Do With Their Primary Residence?

Several readers have asked me how a person’s primary residence should be used when calculating net worth. As we’re on the verge of buying our


Did You Receive An Unexpected Windfall? Here’s Where To Put The Money

A recent article in Money lists 43 ways to deal with an unexpected windfall – in the article’s case, a $5,000 windfall. There are a

Why Talking About Myself Is Important When Writing About Personal Finance

I spent some time reading through the site recently and I realized how often I talk about myself and my own experiences on here, everything


Why Savings Accounts – And Why Not

Over the weekend in a post answering anonymous reader questions, I wrote the following: Savings accounts are wonderful places to keep money that is very


The Value of Networking and Friendship

Eight days ago, I wrote a lengthy review of Never Eat Alone, a book about how exactly to network and maintain a large circle of

Review: The Now Habit

Each Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal productivity or personal development book. During my college years, procrastination was an incredibly large problem for me,


Figuring Out Exactly How Much Your Time Is Worth

A couple of days ago, I made an offhand mention of the value of knowing what your time is worth so you can quickly determine


A Frugal Saturday: Twelve Ways We Saved Money Yesterday

Quite often, Saturday is my worst day of the week for spending money. My wife and my son and I almost always wind up doing


Marriage and Mortgage: A Reader Wants To Know

A reader wrote in recently asking whether or not wedding bells should be in his future. What do you think? My fiance and I are

Questions From Anonymous Readers

Like any person who runs a popular website, I keep statistics on how many people visit The Simple Dollar (I get about 75,000 visitors on


Money Magazine – June 2007

The June 2007 issue of Money Magazine arrived in my mailbox several days ago, but I didn’t have time to even glance at it as