If You Take Home Anything At All… Seven Fundamental Tips

I write about a huge variety of topics on this blog and I’m quite sure that not all of them are interesting to every reader.

Review: The Millionaire Mind

The Millionaire Mind is a sequel (basically) to Stanley and Danko’s earlier book The Millionaire Next Door (which I quite liked; see my review of


Why I Want A Home: Six Frugal Things That Just Aren’t Convenient In Our Apartment

As I’ve mentioned before, my family currently lives in a very small two bedroom apartment. We don’t have the room to do many of the


The Credit Check Situation

For the last week, there have been numerous reports of individuals who have opened Electric Orange checking accounts and after sixty days have had a


The Stress of Buying a Home

As we progress through this home-buying experience (we’ve looked at tons of homes, found the right one, and are about to submit an offer), we’ve


The Furniture Dilemma

My wife and son and I currently live in a tiny apartment. I mean tiny. It nominally has two bedrooms, but the second one (used


15 More Things You Can Do Right Now To Help Your Career

A few months ago, I published a very popular article entitled 15 Things You Can Do Right Now To Help Your Career. Here’s the fifteen

More On 101 Goals in 1001 Days: Setting the Goals, Keeping Them, And 101 Money-Saving List Suggestions

I’ve been asked so many questions by email about my 101 Goals in 1001 Days idea that I decided a follow-up post might be in


Notes on The Dangerous Book For Boys

For the last few days, I’ve been nearly obsessed with a book entitled The Dangerous Book for Boys. It appeals to me on several levels:


How Going Green Saves A Ton Of Money

I admit to being an environmentalist, and a pretty “far out” one, too – I was raised with a Mother Earth News / Organic Gardening


The Housing Panic Is Even Here In Iowa – An Update On The House Hunt

So many readers have been emailing me about our house hunt and have questions about the details of it that I thought I’d write a

What Would You Do With Your Money If You Had Only One Year To Live?

I came across this article at Grad Money Matters recently and it got me thinking about the question on several levels. First, what would I


Setting Up A House Buying Worksheet

My wife and I are looking at about three houses per night this week (on average), and because of the sheer volume of houses, we’re

Review: Never Eat Alone

Each Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal productivity or personal development book. The word networking has a very negative perception for most people; they


Thoughts On Personal Finance Software Packages – And Why I Don’t Use Them

I recently had a lengthy IM conversation with a reader who asked me what financial software I use to keep my finances in order. I

A Reader On The Cusp Of A Great Credit Rating

A reader recently sent in this question about her boyfriend’s credit, which seems to be on the cusp of being quite good. My boyfriend was


Teaching Entrepreneurship and Investing To Children

Over Mother’s Day weekend, my wife and son and I drove several hours to pay a surprise visit on my mother. We spent most of

How Personal Productivity and Personal Development Are Connected To Personal Finance

Recently, I’ve been reading the book The Millionaire Mind by Thomas Stanley. It’s a pseudo-sequel to the mega-popular personal finance book The Millionaire Next Door