SmartMoney Magazine’s “7 Money Mistakes” – And The Simple Dollar’s “7 More Money Mistakes”

I was leafing through the July issue of SmartMoney (the Wall Street Journal’s sister magazine) mostly because of the cover article, 7 Money Mistakes …


Rural Ideas For An Expensive Housing Market

I’ve touted the benefits of living in Iowa before, but one of the biggest benefits of all is the wonderful housing market. I was able


An Inexpensive, Fun Family Vacation Idea From My Childhood

When I was young, my family did not have a whole lot of money for trips. Most of our “vacations” were trips to Grandma’s house

Review: Two For The Money

Colored in bright orange and subtitled The Sensible Plan For Making It All Work, this book is really effective at getting your attention on the


Three Fears I Have About Moving

There are a lot of small financial fears I have about the whole moving process – future costs, lifestyle changes, and such. This is my


Musings On Spending $3 On A Candy Bar

I spent $3 on a raspberry chocolate bar the other day. The three of us sat in the parking lot in the rain, breaking off

Debt Snowball vs. The High Interest Approach

I’ve been looking for a good real-world example to compare the traditional “debt snowball” approach to the approach of paying off the high-interest loan first


All The Opportunity In The World

I received an email from a college student today, who I will call Erica. She told me the following: I’m a 19 year-old university student.

Guilty Money: How Much Do You Have To Spend Frivolously Before You Feel Guilty About It?

Over the weekend, I had an IM conversation with an old friend of mine in which he stated that he felt guilty about spending $50


Money Magazine – July 2007

The July 2007 issue of Money Magazine has a nice big cover story on entrepreneurship, a topic that interests me more and more as I

Six Steps To Eliminate Non-Credit Card Consumer Debt

Quite often, I focus in on credit card debt as one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle for escaping a bad debt situation, and


Looking For A Way Out: “Can’t Quit” Syndrome, The Value of Job Happiness, And How To Escape

I received a very long email from “Tony,” a long time reader, who had this to say (among many other things): I absolutely hate my


Dollar Cost Averaging: How Does It Work?

For quite a while, I’ve been interested in how dollar cost averaging works for a regular, steady investment, so I spent some time and used


A Personal Finance Lesson From The Gap

About a week ago, I had a fairly interesting experience at The Gap. I stopped there on a spur of the moment as I was


The Financial Implications Of Living With Mom And Dad

Recently, “Joel” wrote in with the following question about living with his parents after college: Currently I’m a 22 years old and fresh out of

Cook Once, Eat Twice With A Crockpot

My wife and I regularly check out cookbooks from our local library to scavenge for new ideas for our cooking repertoire. While most of the

Review: Time Management From The Inside Out

Each Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal productivity or personal development book. I’m a big advocate of the Getting Things Done system of time

Pets and Money

Earlier today, I opened a can of worms by suggesting that, if your budget is overly tight, you may wish to consider looking for a