How Much Emergency Fund Is Too Much Emergency Fund?

Yesterday, I mentioned my desire to have a twelve month emergency fund, which resulted in some very interesting discussion. Some of the readers thought it

How To Calculate APR And APY In A Spreadsheet – And Why You Would Want To

In the past, I gave a brief discussion about the difference between APR and APY when talking about simple and compound interest. What I didn’t

Figuring Out A Debt Strategy After The Home Purchase

My wife and I have spent extensive time thinking about a plan for repaying all of our debts after we move into the home. Our

Finding The Best Credit Card Offers For Your Situation

I often get emails from readers asking me what the “best” credit card offer is. I write back and say there isn’t one, which I’m

Review: Pay It Down

As a lot of you know, I’m a fan of Money Magazine – in fact, I review each issue because there’s a lot of good


You Don’t Need Six Figures: The Financial Realities of Living in Iowa

At various points, readers have seemed quite surprised to find out that I live in Iowa and that I can see cornfields in two directions

Money, Spirituality, and Charity

While writing about personal finance and personal development books, several people have written in to ask me to write about Rick Warren’s The Purpose Driven


The Future: Where Will Tax Brackets Go In 30 Years?

I try very hard to avoid political discussions on The Simple Dollar because it often winds up in partisan bickering, but I feel that a


Ten Things To Do When You Move Into A New Home

Since my wife and I are less than three weeks away from moving into our first home, we’ve been researching the things that we need


The New Roth 401(k) Versus The Traditional 401(k): Which Is The Better Route?

Recently, a number of readers have asked me about the new Roth 401(k). Is it really a good deal, they ask? In a nutshell, it’s


The Bulk Buying Debate

As long-time readers of the site know, I’m a big advocate of buying in bulk for many reasons (which I’ll get into below). Yesterday, however,

The Simple Dollar Giveaway #5 – Great Career Advice

To celebrate my ongoing series of personal productivity and personal development book reviews, I’m giving away my copy of Brazen Careerist. I reviewed the book

Prepaying On Your Home Loan Is Just A Conservative Investment

One of the regular debates here on The Simple Dollar is the eternal question of whether someone should prepay on their home loan or not.


Ten Ways To Save Money In Your Bathroom

When I walk into a room at someone’s house, my eyes often spy a number of ways that they could be saving money just based


Big Dreams, Small Income: Financial Planning Without A Large Salary

Recently, Fred wrote in outlining his situation: I’m 35. I make $30K a year. I lose about $4K of that every year to child support.


Financial Planning For A Life Of Volunteerism And Social Work

One of the most amazing people I’ve ever met has chosen a path of volunteerism and social work for her life. She’s taken the gifts

Review: Brazen Careerist

Each Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal productivity or personal development book. I picked up a copy of Brazen Careerist after stumbling upon Penelope’s

Past Performance Is Not A Guarantee Of Future Returns

Quite often on The Simple Dollar, I’ll put up a description of a financial situation that one of my readers finds themselves in, or I’ll