How Much Cash Is Appropriate To Carry?

Even though I cover almost all of my expenses using plastic, I do tend to keep a small amount of cash in my wallet to


Now That Aquafina Is Actually Labeled As Tap Water, Maybe We Can Look For Another Solution To The Bottled Water Issue

Last night when my wife and I were shopping at Sam’s Club, I witnessed a lady putting a large package of individual bottles of Aquafina


The Grocery Store Grand Slam

Most food purchases at the grocery store boil down to one of four factors: Is it healthy? Is the food low in fat and provide

My Weekly Bill-Paying Routine (In The Absence Of Paper Checks)

As I’ve briefly mentioned on here before, I’ve almost entirely abandoned paper checks. I keep a checkbook around for the rare situation where one is


Entertaining Your Children For $1 Or Less

A brilliant article appeared on Lifehacker today entitled 10 Ways To Entertain Young Children For $1 Or Less (Without The TV). Here are the author’s


Tying Investment Risk To Your Goals

After reading the comments on my portfolio post from yesterday (and being amused as to how they point in different directions), I wanted to point

Review: The Well-Educated Mind

Each Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal productivity or personal development book. There are a few books so tied to an individual’s experience that


Now That The Home Is Purchased, How Shall I Invest?

As many of you know, I previously had a small investment portfolio that I emptied out in order to make a house down payment and


Ten Frugal Things To Do With An Empty Vitamin Water (Or Other Plastic Beverage) Container

Last night, I tried some Vitamin Water (a beverage somewhat similar to Gatorade). When I was finished, I sat there looking at the empty plastic


Handling The Frivolous Wants Of A Toddler Is Not Much Different Than Handling My Own Frivolous Wants

My wife and son and I were shopping yesterday evening when we wandered upon the toy department of a local department store. Our son, at

Maximizing The Effectiveness Of Your Sleep – So You Have More Time For Life’s Activities

The human body needs seven or eight hours of sleep per day – that’s a largely accepted fact that we’ll use as a premise. Most

Personal Finance In A Family Crisis

Over the past few days, a family emergency occurred and many people gathered together to say goodbye. These are challenging, emotionally hard times. I spent

Review: The Complete Tightwad Gazette

My first exposure to the Tightwad Gazette was on the sitting table at a friend’s house. I actually remember them having several copies of the

Applying Jerry Seinfeld’s “Chain” Concept To Personal Finance

I bet Jerry Seinfeld is not a person you’d ever expect me to discuss on The Simple Dollar. I didn’t expect to talk about him


Another Look At Renting To Get Richer: The Inflation Factor

A couple days ago, I wrote about the philosophy that one could rent and become richer over time. In that piece, I used a very


Five Really Easy Recipes To Make Once-A-Month Cooking Work For Busy People

Many people look at once a month cooking and shy away because the effort required to make dozens of complete meals at once is quite

New Student Loan Benefits & Low-Cost Careers

For many people going to college, they’re scared to get involved with a major that won’t pay a lot. I know I was – after


Is It Worth Higher Prices For A Quality Shopping Experience?

I confess that I do not shop at the grocery store with the lowest prices on my staple goods. Yes, that’s right – I intentionally