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Ken wrote in with an interesting question that sometimes shows that paying down debts might not be the most prudent financial move: My girlfriend and

Does Tiredness Make You More Susceptible To Unnecessary Spending?

Usually, I like to stick to personal finance topics I can quantify, but I felt this was an interesting issue worth discussing. Let me start

The True Monthly Cost Of An Appliance

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Maximizing Frugality vs. Maximizing Investing

With a title like that, I’m sure to grab some attention, but it’s true – unless you are already rolling in the cash, frugal choices


How Much Does It Cost To Grill?

Yesterday, I spent much of the day assembling a propane grill given to us as a housewarming gift. It was a fun project, but along


Renting To Get Richer?

This MSN Money article argues quite vehemently that renting is cheaper than owning a home: I have something un-American to confess: I rent an apartment

What Nintendo Wii Taught Me About Personal Finance

As most readers know, after months of saving and planning, I finally splurged and bought a Nintendo Wii and a few accessories for it (Wii

Review: First Things First

Each Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal productivity or personal development book. Several weeks ago, I reviewed in detail Stephen Covey’s classic personal development

Debt Repayment 101

Brad’s looking at his debt and wondering where to start: My wife and I are trying to decide what to do with our “extra” income


Seven Frugal Things I’d Love To Try

For every frugal idea that I have and am able to implement, I have at least two or three that simply aren’t reasonable at the


Parenting Teaches Lessons About Financial Security

Today, my son took a tumble down the stairs. He was attempting to go down the stairs in the same way that I do, but


Michael Wants A Ph.D.: A Deeper Look At Intermediate-Term Investing

Michael writes in and asks: I am planning to eventually get my PhD in 4-10 years. Should my savings be in a high-yield savings account


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A while back, I wrote about the joys of a money free weekend, and followed that up quickly with a list of fifteen free things


A Perfect Case For Making Things Automatic

Angela writes in with the following situation: I didn’t see any archives where you unexpectedly come into money. My husband is re-enlisting for a big

Review: The Little Book That Beats The Market

After thoroughly enjoying John Bogle’s The Little Book Of Common Sense Investing, I decided to go back and pick up the first book in the


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What Are Capital Gains and How Much Tax Do You Have to Pay? A reader wrote in wanting a simple explanation of a very hairy

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Buying A Car: How Much Down Payment Is Useful?

A reader wrote to me recently asking the simple question “How much of a down payment should you put on a new vehicle?” The thumbnail