On Losing Weight: Comparing Physical Fitness And Financial Fitness

Since starting with the Volumetrics weight loss plan about three weeks ago, I’ve lost twelve pounds. I should add here that there was some intense


Dealing With Those Piles Of Old Baseball Cards In Your Closet

Like many people who were children in the late 1980s and early 1990s, I was an avid baseball card collector. I had numerous complete sets

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Last week, I wrote about Baby Steps For Individual Stock Picking, which gave starter tips on how one can invest in individual stocks. While I


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Over the past several months, I’ve suggested that people break up their savings into several smaller funds for various purposes: a home maintenance fund, an


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Being fans of the once-a-month cooking concept, my wife and I have been eager to at least take a look at Super Suppers, which is


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My wife and I purchased a deep freezer over the weekend; we researched a bunch of models, figured in purchase and delivery costs, and wound

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While I was busy unpacking boxes, Amy wrote to me with the following story. We’re trying to dig out of our debt but it is


Seven Tips For Your Next Big Move

Over the last week, my wife and I took on the challenge of moving from a small apartment to a nice family home. It turned

Review: Made to Stick

Each Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal productivity or personal development book. For many of the people who will read this, coming up with

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I had the opportunity to play with an iPhone last week and it inspired an incredibly high level of technolust inside of me. I wanted


Building A Home Maintenance And Improvement Fund

Having lived in a house that needed constant upkeep when I was young, I know the value of having money on hand to take care


Lessons From My Grandfather In The Garden

My paternal grandfather has been a great inspiration to me in my life, from the interesting adventures he had early in his life to the

Stock Picks: Baby Steps For Individual Stocks

One of the most regular questions I get asked is how I feel about individual stock picking. Should a good investor have individual stocks as


The Connection Between Financial Choices And Personal Values: The Kind Of Parent I Want To Be

Quite often, my wife and I find ourselves very thankful for the financial situation that we’re in. We’re healthy and of sound mind and we

Procrastination, Money, And Me

A few days ago, I was reading a post at Money, Matter, and More Musings entitled Some Lessons From My Wallet. In it, the author

Review: Wealth

Most of the personal finance books I review make some assumptions about the reader. They usually assume that the person is suffering some degree of


Are Inflation Rates Accelerating? How Should I Plan For It?

My wife’s grandfather likes to regularly comment on how fast the price of everything seems to be increasing lately. He’s loudly adamant that the rate

Why Debt Reduction is My Personal Finance Target

Recently, I had an individual write to me, telling me a lengthy tale of his mortgage. He was currently paying about 6% on it, but