The Ten Biggest Money Mistakes I’ve Made Since My Financial Meltdown

When I had my own financial armageddon, I was in a terrible spot. I had made mountains of money mistakes in the previous several years


Kicking My Candy Bar Addiction In The Foot – And Saving Big Money

As I’ve mentioned on here a few times before, I’ve been trying out the Volumetrics weight control plan in an attempt to lose a few

Make Sure The Left Hand Knows What The Right Hand Is Doing: The Simple Dollar’s Guide To Assigning Priorities

I touched on this concept about a week ago when I discussed Maggie’s horror story, but it’s true – when one hand is doing the

Ten Financial Bulls: Moving From Desperation To Financial Enlightenment Using A Zen Parable

There is a classic Zen Buddhist parable called Ten Bulls that has brought me a great deal of peace and thought at various points in

Why My Father Takes Out A Lighter And Burns $200 Each Month

About once a week, early in the morning, my father stops by a convenience station. He goes inside, gives the clerk behind the counter about


Time For A Change: Seven Things To Consider When Choosing A New Career Path

When I was in college, I believed that the biggest factor to choosing a career was whether or not the topic was interesting or not.

One Thing You Can Do Today That Will Put You In Better Financial Shape Tomorrow

I’m about to reveal a very key technique that anyone can use to ensure that their financial shape tomorrow is better than their financial shape


Taking Advantage Of Short-Term Opportunities

Several weeks ago, I had an opportunity to buy a Nintendo Wii at the suggested retail price. If I had taken advantage of the opportunity


A Primer On Once A Month Cooking

A while back over at Get Rich Slowly, J.D. talked about once a month cooking, which refers to a process of doing most of the

Review: Go Put Your Strengths To Work

Each Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal productivity or personal development book. Go Put Your Strengths To Work is the third in a series


Calculating The Cost Of A Moving Service Versus The Cost Of Doing It Ourselves

Since my financial armageddon, I’ve become very good at calculating the cost of various services, the time it would take me to do it myself,


Helping An Old Friend Manage His Estate In An Interesting Way

The grandfather of an old friend of mine called me a while back, saying that he had a few questions that he thought I could

The Simple Dollar Book 2: Electric Boogaloo

A while back, I mentioned some half-formed ideas about a book based on The Simple Dollar and, as you can see from the comments there,


Making The Moving Transition Easier On Young Children

Right now, our tiny apartment has virtually everything boxed up and ready for the move and my twenty month old son has certainly noticed this.

What To Do If You Disagree With The Simple Dollar – Or Any Other Financial Guru

Inevitably, as you read this site, you’re going to find something that you disagree with – I write on too many topics for all of

The Financial Cost Of Happiness

My wife and I had a long talk about a week ago in the exhausted afterglow of a day full of packing boxes for the

Review: It Pays To Talk

One of the most common questions I get asked from readers is how exactly to talk to others about money. I get emails from angry

Treat It As A Bill: How I Made A Commitment To Saving Work For Me

Not all that long ago, if I wanted to spend money, I’d look at what was left in my checking account and spend it. I