Need a Home Equity Loan? Answer 3 Questions First.

One of my closest friends has been itching to turn half of his basement into a den of sorts, with a full bar, a big

Walking Through A Financial Horror Story

Every once in a while, I receive a story of a person who has slowly backed into a desperate financial situation. Usually, it’s pretty easy


Great Tips For A Frugal Grilling Experience

Since many of you will read this post, log off, and go celebrate a nice Fourth of July barbecue with your friends and acquaintances, here


The Gray Area Between Want And Need

You’re a student and you need to buy some pens for class. You visit an office supply store, see a box of cheap black pens


Financial Paperwork Bankruptcy: Should It Be Done And If So, How?

An old friend of mine discovered this site and asked to have lunch with me because she had a few questions she wanted to ask

Angry Emails: Is Money The Root Of All Evil?

About once a week, I get an angry email from a reader who has stumbled upon The Simple Dollar and views it solely as a


Avoiding Overspending on Children

My wife and I both have the philosophy that you shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money to give your child an idyllic childhood.


How I Made Brown Bag Lunches Work For Me

For the last several months, I’ve primarily been brown bagging my lunches at work, taking either leftovers or extremely simple home-prepared foods with me to


A Prenatal College Fund?

My daughter will not be born until September, but a few days ago, I opened a 529 college savings plan in her name. Just as


Five Reasons To Try Out A CFL Today

I continually mention using CFLs for home lighting, but I haven’t laid out the entire case for CFLs in one place before. It’s time to


When Frugality Is Fun

A little while ago, Five Cent Nickel published an article on the limits of frugality in which one of my own frugal activities was discussed:

Review: The 12 Bad Habits That Hold Good People Back

Each Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal productivity or personal development book. One of my closest friends commented to me once that there seems

Retirement Savings or Debt Repayment?

A few days ago, on my post about SmartMoney’s “7 Money Mistakes”, LTruslow left the following comment: I have always had a problem with those


Defining Minimum Acceptable Housing – And How It Varies From Person To Person

My Friday post about how to afford an expensive housing market raised some interesting questions – the most intriguing of which is the idea of