A Glimpse At How A Frugal Family Spends Their Weekend

Last night, my wife and I sketched out a rough outline of the things we wanted to do this weekend. When we finished, we realized

The Real Scoop On Rewards Credit Cards

Tammy wrote in with the following story and question: I recently got an offer in the mail from Sallie Mae, whom I currently have huge


Seven Ways To Advance Your Career Or Small Business And Spend Time With Your Family

Quite often, I feel a strong tug between family needs and professional needs. I work very hard on The Simple Dollar, but sometimes I would


An Interesting Voluntary Simplicity Exercise That Can Really Improve Your Financial Situation

A while back, I read Duane Elgin’s book Voluntary Simplicity; lately, I’ve been reading a lot of things in that direction, like Walden and Zen

Review: More Than Enough

In the past, I’ve reviewed Dave Ramsey‘s other books, The Total Money Makeover (which I really liked) and Financial Peace Revisited (which I felt was


Getting Over The “Taboo” Of Generics And Store Brands

Many Americans (including many of my friends) are conditioned by many years of marketing to select name brand products at the store. They’ll skip right

Personal Finance Boils Down To Just Two Things…

Once you’ve read up on personal finance, you’ll find that there are a lot of perspectives on almost every issue. What I’ve found is that


The Stay At Home Parenting Question Hits Home – Hard

Yesterday morning, I took my son to daycare as usual, but this morning was a bit different than other ones. As he’s near his second


Having A Second Child? Seven Frugal Tips For Getting Ready

At our house, we’re waist-deep in preparations for the arrival of a second child, which makes for interesting times and interesting choices. Our house is

Finding The Center

Not only do I work full time, but I’m also a small-scale entrepreneur, as I maintain this blog and also do some limited computer consulting.

Evaluating My Magazine Subscriptions: Which Ones Are Worth It And Which Ones Aren’t?

A while back, I discussed five principles of deciding whether or not to subscribe to a magazine. Here they are, in nutshell form: Do I

Getting Started With The Simple Dollar

Over the last several months, The Simple Dollar has picked up a lot of readers, as you can all probably tell if you’ve been watching

The Savings Bond Dilemma: Cash Them In Now Or Wait?

While going through some boxes after the move, I discovered four Series EE savings bonds, each with a face value of $100. They were given


Tackling Breakfast: Healthy, Inexpensive, And Easy Meals To Get Me Started In The Morning

I’m a big fan of eating breakfast. It always seems to get my motor running in the morning and I feel utterly lethargic when I


Maintenance Lessons I’ve Learned as a Homeowner

As a first-time homeowner, there are a lot of things going on in the house that were basically a mystery to me. Being the curious


A Frugal Dilemma: Inheriting Stuff You Wouldn’t Normally Use

Shelley wrote in with the following dilemma: My mother-in-law recently moved to a nursing home. My husband was the primary person to clean out her

Carnival of Personal Finance #114

Welcome to the 114th Carnival of Personal Finance! For those unaware, the Carnival of Personal Finance is a series of weekly posts hosted by various

Review: Organizing From The Inside Out

Each Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal productivity or personal development book. A while back, I read and reviewed Julie Morgenstern’s Time Management From