Five Gadgets That Were Well Worth The Investment

Not too long ago, I was a gadget hound – dropping money on all sorts of stuff, both useful and, well, not useful. I’ve found


Two Commenters Disagree: Why Risk Is Interesting

Recently, two commenters disagreed strongly in a thread about 15 year versus 30 year mortgages. I thought they both made a worthwhile point in a

Politicians That Promise Lower Taxes

Recently, I’ve heard from a lot of readers who have asked me whether they should give priority to voting for a candidate that promises to


Five Money Lessons For Preschoolers – And Applying Them To My Own Child

Liz Pulliam Weston over at MSN Money wrote a brilliant article entitled 5 Money Lessons For Preschoolers. In it, she elucidated five simple lessons about


Your Investment Strategies Making You Nervous? Abort!

Yesterday’s post about the down market stirred up a lot of angry comments because I encouraged the person to get out of stocks if they

Review: Smart Women Finish Rich

In the past, I reviewed two David Bach books – Smart Couples Finish Rich, which I liked, and The Automatic Millionaire, which I basically felt

30 Year vs. 15 Year Mortgage Income Tax Deduction

Earlier this week, I compared the real cost of 15 and 30 year mortgages of $200,000 at the current market rates, assuming 4% inflation on


Basic Investing In A Down Market

While watching the stock market in free fall, a reader (Lily) writes in and asks about what to do with her 401(k): My 401k is


The “Dollar Off” Dilemma: Maximizing The Value Of A Coupon

A reader wrote in with this quite interesting situation: Last week I had a good shopping experience when buying cat food, but I’m still a

A Frugal Man And His Wii: Q&A

One of the most frequent issues that readers write to me about is my thoughts on purchasing a Wii. I mentioned briefly before the five

Losing A Friend Over Money

Until recently, I had a very close friend that I’ll call Dave. We spent a ton of time together doing all sorts of things –


Summer Camp In The Neighborhood: How To Get A Collective Of Parents Together To Save A Ton Of Money On Daycare During The Summer

A while back, I made an offhand reference to a neighborhood summer camp: All of the children three and over are attending a rotating day

The Simple Dollar Gets A New Cell Phone – And Saves Significant Money In The Process

Over the last week, my cell phone has slowly been dying. The screen goes black randomly and it ceases to accept button input until I


A Down Payment Dilemma: Buy A Car Or Keep Saving For A House?

Jerry wrote in recently with the following problem: I and my wife are both graduate students; we recently paid off all our debts and started

Fixed Rate Mortgage: 15 year or 30 year Mortgage?

I recently read an article at Finance is Personal entitled Why You Shouldn’t Get A 30 Year Mortgage. It presents a great argument for why

How To Balance Your Checkbook In The Era Of The Debit Card

This weekend, my mother, who is still firmly in the era of the handwritten check, marveled several times at my methods for paying for many


Entrepreneurship In Your Spare Time: The Rocks And Sand Philosophy

A few times in the past, I’ve mentioned that I have a computer consulting business on the side and that I also work full time

Parents And Finances: An Uneasy Mix

A reader wrote to me recently with the following concerns about the financial health of her parents: I’m still repairing my own finances (I’m out