Review: Thinkertoys

Each Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal productivity or personal development book. Several times a week, I get an email from a beginning blogger


Visiting Williams-Sonoma: How To Avoid Overspending On Something That Stirs Your Passions

As regular readers of The Simple Dollar know, I’m a food junkie. I enjoy preparing food from scratch, presenting it well on the plate, and


Six Ways Planning Ahead Saved Money This Weekend

Over the past few days, we had several family members visit our new home and spend a few days with us. Time and time again,

Should I Be Saving Money Or Paying Down Debt?

On Thursday, I wrote about using a savings account to save up money, then using that amount to pay off a debt. This triggered the


Is Not Spending Money Bad For The Economy?

Fairly regularly, a commenter on this site will chastise me and most of my visitors for being frugal, saying that hoarding all of your money

Building Credit Discussion: Cancel Cards Or Not?

In response to my two recent posts on building credit (getting credit without a credit card and building up credit), Konstantin writes in and says:

Six Habits I’ve Given Up In Order To Save Money – And How Much It’s Saved Me This Year

When most people think of giving up a habit, they think of quitting smoking or something to that effect. However, there are a lot of

Review: The Wall Street Journal Complete Personal Finance Guidebook

There’s a large number of roughly equivalent “personal finance guidebooks” out there that provide foundational explanations of personal finance use, from explaining how a bank

The Lowdown On Private Mortgage Insurance

Note: I was informed by several readers that PMI traditionally stands for private mortgage insurance, so I updated the article to reflect that. Many first


Seven Ways To Save Money Preparing For Houseguests

For most of this week, a small invasion of my extended family is staying at our new house. This, of course, means that there’s a

My Wife And I Debate Over Investing Or Paying Off Debt

About a week ago, I mentioned my investment plans now that we have a house. This post happened to be at the top of the

Using Mozilla Sunbird To Schedule Infrequent Home Maintenance Tasks – And Other Irregular Tasks

A while back, I posted an extensive checklist of monthly home maintenance tasks. There were some items on the list that didn’t need to be


Ten Ways That I Save Money Golfing

I admit to deeply enjoying a good round of golf, even though I rarely find time to play as much as I would like. The

Personal Finance 101: Getting Credit Without A Credit Card

Tips and Alternative Solutions to Building Credit Mark writes in and asks: I’m 18, and recently applied for a credit card at Citibank. They rejected

Rebooting My Net Worth Calculator: Food For Thought On Starting – Or Restarting – Your Own

As I mentioned before, I kept my own net worth calculator in a spreadsheet; I even wrote up how exactly to make your own. I


Comparing Dining Options

One of the most frequent questions I’m asked revolves around comparing eating out to prepackaged meals and to making your own food. Quite often, people

The $50 Million Dollar Trust: From Despair To Motivation

A few days ago, I posted an article about an individual trying to figure out how to manage a $50 million trust. For a number

Personal Finance 101: Building Up Credit

Understanding Your Credit Score and Building Credit James wrote in and asked the following question: I just read your article: WHAT’S IN MY WALLET regarding