Review: The 48 Laws of Power

I first noticed The 48 Laws of Power sitting on the desk of a person who works deep in the bowels of a large insurance

The One Hour Project: Open A High-Yield Savings Account (And Maybe An Investment Account)

One big thing that you can do that can kick your finances into gear is opening up a high-yield savings account. Many banks now offer

Personal Finance Lessons That Changed the Game

The last two years have taught me many, many things about personal finances. Some of the lessons have been useful and others thought-provoking, but a

The One Hour Project: Construct Your Debt Snowball (Or Something Like It)

If you’ve gone through even a few of the one hour projects in this series, you likely have some more money in your pocket. Don’t

The Simple Dollar Book Club: Your Money or Your Life

A few weeks ago, I announced that a book club would be starting on The Simple Dollar and that the first book to be read

The One Hour Project: Keep An Idea Notebook In Your Pocket

So many times throughout the day, I come up with useful ideas: ideas for saving money, ideas for preparing food, ideas to improve The Simple


How I’m Investing For Our Dream Home

As I’ve mentioned frequently on here, my wife and I have defined a very specific long term goal for ourselves – we intend to buy

Review: The First National Bank of Dad

One of the most consistent worries I have is about how I will educate my children to not make the same financial mistakes I made.

The One Hour Project: Give Someone A Helping Hand

It’s something so simple that so many of us overlook in our busy lives: stopping to help people out when they need a hand. For


The Backlash Against Frugality

Recently, I read through Staying Frugal in the Age of the iPhone, an article on Yahoo! Finance by Anya Kamenetz (whose book, Generation Debt, I

The City Versus Rural Debate: Which Is The Better Place To Live?

In the past, I have made many references to my preference for living in a small town over living in an urban area. For me,

The One Hour Project: Create A Water-Drinking Routine

One of the biggest expenditures in many people’s lives is that of bottled and canned beverages, whether it be soda, sports drinks, or even bottled

Should I Pay Off Debt or Invest?

The one personal finance issue that I debate internally over quite a bit is whether one should pay off debt or invest if all they


Five Frugality Tips Learned From Having Two Children In Diapers

Over the last month, our house has held a toddler just entering his “terrible twos” (which basically means energetic, rambunctious, and without a knowledge of

The One Hour Project: Get Involved In Community Volunteering

One of the things I enjoy doing is getting involved with my local community, though with two children in diapers and my other responsibilities, I

Making A Major Life Change

A reader who I will call Kathy wrote to me with a rather long but quite compelling story that really struck a chord with me.

Handling Door To Door Solicitors

My wife has a serious weakness for youths who tell her a hard knock tale, and it rarely comes up with such vigor as when

The One Hour Project: Conserve Water

One of the most frustrating expenses in our home is the water bill. Even though our rate for water is about $0.0006 per liter, it