Why Does Everyone Preach About Index Funds? What They Are And Why They’re Good – From The Very Beginning

A reader asked me recently why so many people write glowingly about index funds. I even do this – in fact, all of my investment


Is The Value Menu Really A Value? Comparing The Homemade Double Cheeseburger To The McDonald’s $1 Version

About two weeks ago, I made a brief comparison between a McDonald’s Value Menu double cheeseburger and a homemade cheeseburger, concluding that the homemade one

Review: The Read-Aloud Handbook

Each Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal productivity or personal development book. I can imagine the question already: why on earth would he include

The One Hour Project: Do Some Preventative Maintenance

Preventative mainentance is a phrase that makes many homeowners’ eyes glaze over. For many busy people, there’s nothing more boring than going around your house


The Do-It-Yourself Dilemma: When Things Go Wrong

For the most part, I prefer doing home maintenance tasks myself rather than hire someone to do the tasks for me. It saves on labor

The One Hour Project: Thoroughly Research A Stock

Regardless of whether or not you include individual stocks as part of your investment plan, having a general idea of how a stock works can


When A Frugal Life And Social Gift-Giving Come Into Conflict

A reader wrote in with the following thoughts, which got my juices flowing: It seems like I am constantly being invited to baby showers, weddings,

The One Hour Project: Go Christmas Shopping At Sale Time

Not too long ago, the local Sears hardware store not too far from where I work went out of business. During their going out of


Starting The Thought Process Behind Buying A New Vehicle

As the months pass, it looks more and more likely that we’ll need to buy a new vehicle sometime between now and next summer. My

Review: The Courage To Be Rich

The Courage To Be Rich was one of the very first personal finance books I read after my financial meltdown. At the time, this book

The One Hour Project: Switch Checking Accounts

For a long time, I kept my primary checking at the local branch of a large international bank. Over the years, though, they slowly bled


The Simple Dollar Guide To Eating Out

Given that I’m such a foodie and also frugal at the same time, several readers have written to me recently asking for tips on dining

My Ongoing Battle With The Cash In My Pocket

One of the biggest psychological weaknesses I still carry with me, even after my financial turnaround, is the desire to spend the physical cash in

The One Hour Project: Kill The Electricity Phantom

A week ago, one of the One Hour Projects suggested making your home more energy efficient. Those steps reduce the energy that the devices you

Multiple Income Streams: How They Can Work For You

Not too long ago, the only method I had for earning money was my job. I’d get up, go into work, come home, and collect

Seven Pieces Of Financial Advice For A High School Student

My niece is a wonderful young woman – a good head on her shoulders, decision making as strong as you could hope for in a

The One Hour Project: Do Some Basic Diet Hacking

No, I’m not going to talk again about eating at home or about how you should skip fast food. Instead, I’m going to talk about


I often talk about the mental challenges of convincing yourself to turn your financial life around, things like looking at what’s really important to you