Teaching Yourself To Cook At Home

Regular readers of The Simple Dollar know I have a deep passion for preparing my own food. Not only is it less expensive than eating

The One Hour Project: Enjoy What You Have

About six months ago, my wife and I were going through our DVD collection looking for items to clean out. As we did this, we


Your Stuff And You: Figuring Out What You Really Value – And Eliminating The Rest

This weekend, my wife and I spent most of it at home trying out an interesting exercise. We went through everything we owned (well, not


There Are Two Guaranteed Ways To Improve Your Financial Situation … But Which Is Better?

Quite often on this site, I mention that the one true path to financial success is to spend less than you earn, and the greater

Review: The Simplicity Survival Handbook

Each Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal productivity or personal development book. I originally picked up The Simplicity Survival Handbook because I was full

The One Hour Project: Price Compare The Things You Buy Regularly

This post is part of The One Hour Project, in which you can spend just one hour to put your finances in a better place

What Should Your Net Worth Be? Why “The Millionaire Next Door” Equation Falls Short – And What A Better Thumbnail Calculation Might Look Like

Recently, I was reminded of the first book I ever reviewed on The Simple Dollar, The Millionaire Next Door. I really liked the book, even

The One Hour Project: Plan Your Meals For One Week In Advance

My wife and I generally plan a week’s worth of dinners at once for several reasons. First, it’s clear to both of us what the


Ten Thoughts on Quicken Premier

After my recent discussion about why I’d rather use a spreadsheet rather than Quicken or Microsoft Money, several readers challenged me to actually fire up

The One Hour Project: Touch Base With Professional And Local Acquaintances

About once a month, I spend an hour doing nothing else but touching base with a long list of professional acquaintances as well as with

Predicting the Future: Will People In Their Twenties Today Collect Social Security In Retirement? And How Should That Answer Change Our Plans?

One common question I get from people fresh into the workforce and setting up their new 401(k)s is this: how much retirement income should I

Review: The Lazy Person’s Guide to Investing

I’ll admit to picking up this book solely because of the title. I’ll also admit that I decided to read and review this book solely

The One Hour Project: Dig Into Your Job Benefits

When I first got my job, I pretty much paid minimal attention to the benefits that were available to me. I signed up for a


How I Practice Voluntary Simplicity

Recently, I read the Get Rich Slowly review of the book Voluntary Simplicity. J.D. didn’t like the book very much at all, while I recalled


The Five College Classes I Took That Were Actually Worth My Time And Money

When I look back at my college experience, I realize that almost all of the classes directly tied to my major had almost nothing to

The One Hour Project: Create A Visual Debt Reminder

Keeping your focus on getting out of debt can be a challenge for some people. It’s so incredibly easy to just not think about it


Does Cooking At Home Really Beat The McDonalds $1 Double Cheeseburger?

This is a question I had from a reader (we’ll get to the double cheeseburger in a minute): My question is about budgeting for food.


Money Magazine – September 2007

After missing out on the August issue due to the move, I finally received my September issue of Money in the mail. The cover story,