The One Hour Project: Discover And Catalog Free Events In Your Community

Almost everyone loves to get out of the house sometimes and do stuff. The only problem is that many of the ideas that we come


The Good And Bad Of Microsoft Money And Quicken – And Why I Usually Point People Towards A Spreadsheet Instead

Perhaps the most common question I get from readers is what about Microsoft Money and/or Quicken? Do I recommend them to people, and if so,

Personal Finance And Nostalgia

My wife has an enormous collection of Breyer horses, most of which are still in their original packaging. She began collecting them when she was

The One Hour Project: Cleanse Your Monthly Bills

One thing that continuously saps away personal finance growth is monthly bills, particularly those where you don’t actually use the service very much. Unfortunately, many

Overcoming A Financially Disastrous Background

Another financial story that really intrigued me recently was this one, from a person who wishes to remain anonymous (so we’ll call him/her Anonymous): My

(Just Like) Starting Over

Over the last day or two, I’ve been going through the piles of email that have built up since the birth of my daughter and

Review: On Writing Well

Each Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal productivity or personal development book. One of the biggest parts of being a knowledge worker is knowing

The One Hour Project: Build Your Own Net Worth Calculator

One of my best motivational tools for staying on a good personal finance track is my own personal net worth calculator. I use it constantly


Roommates, Frugality, and Necessary Spending

A reader named John writes in about a conundrum with his future roommate: I need to know if my best friend is saving his money

The One Hour Project: Dig Into A Personal Finance Blog

One of the most valuable things that a person can do when learning about personal finance issues is to get a diversity of perspectives and


Financially Savvy Gifts For New Parents

Over the last week or two, we’ve received a lot of wonderful gifts from our friends and family and our daughter now has a mountain

The One Hour Project: Make A Quadruple Batch Of A Casserole

One of the biggest challenges for most people when it comes to cooking at home is the time; a busy lifestyle often puts people in


Fifteen Ideas For A Deeply Fulfilling Money Free Weekend

A while back, I introduced the very popular concept of a money free weekend, where a person, a couple, or a family elects not to

Review: Why Smart People Make Big Money Mistakes

This book takes an interesting tack as compared to other personal finance books. Rather than focusing directly on mechanical personal finance issues, it instead focuses

The One Hour Project: Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

An hour around the house (doing everything here would take more than an hour, but most people have done some of these things – but

Dealing With A Significant Increase In Income

Phil writes in: I recently switched jobs very suddenly when a spectacular opportunity came a long to double my salary. I’ve been working at my


Eight Simple Ways To Reduce Food Costs

One of the biggest ways that we save money in our family is by minimizing our food costs. I used to have no qualms dropping

The One Hour Project: Go Through Your Important Papers

Many people (myself included, until pretty recently) have a box of “important papers” where they toss things that they know could be vital someday but