Going Inside The Wall: What Are We Fighting For?

I often talk about the “latte factor,” made famous by David Bach. In a nutshell, the “latte factor” refers to the fact that the raw

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This is the second part of The Simple Dollar Book Club reading of What Color Is Your Parachute?, a seminal guide to your career. These

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I’ve had the opportunity to launch two successful small businesses in my life. Because of this, I regularly get emails from readers who are quite

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Each Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal productivity or personal development book. After reading Buckingham’s most recent book, Go Put Your Strengths to Work,


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Usually, I don’t write about specific luxury goods, but over the last two weeks, I’ve received about twenty emails about buying a Wii as a

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As I mentioned a while back, I’m in the midst of making a pretty significant life decision: do I make the leap to being a

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I often get notes from people who have a small mountain of credit cards. They’re trying to figure out which ones they should keep and

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Each Friday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal finance book. I picked up The Money Trap because it offered a distinct and interesting perspective on

Does Peer Pressure Keep Us From Succeeding?

A few years ago, I used to spend a lot of my free time with a small group of friends. We did a lot of


The “It” Toy: A Parent’s Perspective

Yesterday, I wrote about the idea of an “it” toy for Christmas, including tips for how to find a hard-to-get toy and how to talk

Getting the “It” Toy At Christmastime

In 1983, when my wife was just a little girl, she wanted a Cabbage Patch Kids doll for Christmas. Her parents were unable to find

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Christmas Decorating Edition

This year, I’m learning about the trials and challenges of attempting to decorate a house for Christmas with a toddler running around. Hang your ornaments

Preparing For and Surviving an Economic Downturn

Lots of people have written me in the recent past asking me how I am preparing for an economic downturn. Take, for example, this email


Great Gifts Under $10 I’d Love To See Under My Tree

When I started working on this post, I was trying to make a list of Christmas (or other winter holiday) gift ideas under $10 that

What Color Is Your Parachute? How to Hunt for a Job

This is the first part of The Simple Dollar Book Club reading of What Color Is Your Parachute?, a seminal guide to your career. These

Review: What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Each Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal development or personal productivity book. I was really hesitant to read this book because based on the


November 2007 Review – Assets +0.4%, Debts -1.2%

Once again, it’s time for a monthly review of my finances. I generally break things down by evaluating my assets and my debts (which together

Eight Quick Takes on an Icy December Day

We woke up this morning to the peculiar tinny sound of freezing rain on the windows and sides of our house. The windows on the