The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Strep Edition

Over the last week, everyone in my house (except me) has been sick with strep, diarrhea, a severe cold, a severe flu, or some combination

Investing in Yourself: Exercise

Recently, I discussed the value of investing in yourself – putting time and money into improving you, not building assets. Today, we’ll look at one


Money Management Tips For College Students

Here’s what you shouldn’t do. When I was in college, I used my student loans to finance my lifestyle. I worked at a decent paying

Investing in Yourself: Education and Cultural Literacy

Recently, I discussed the value of investing in yourself – putting time and money into improving you, not building assets. Today, we’ll look at one

Nine Techniques for Developing Patience

The single greatest challenge I’ve faced since learning how to turn my financial life around is patience. I want to be debt free now. I

Review: Know-How

Each Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal productivity or personal development book. This book drew me in by its subtitle: The 8 Skills That


Interview Questions: 25 Top Questions & Answers

I’ve mentioned a few times on The Simple Dollar that I have conducted a substantial number of job interviews in the past. Although the jobs

Figuring Out How to Get To Financial Indepence

My big, overarching dream is to achieve true financial independence. By that, I mean that I have enough money saved and invested that I can


The Value of Investing in Yourself

For many young people, particularly people under the age of thirty, there’s quite often more value in investing in yourself than there is in investing

Review: In Defense of Food

Each Friday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal finance book. This week, I’m going for a severe change of pace from the usual book on

Training Wheels: Why I’m Spending Less and Less Time Managing my Personal Finances

When I first went through my financial meltdown, I was almost obsessive about my various accounts. I checked my credit card and bank balances on


Defeating Superman Syndrome: How to Progress Beyond the “Need” to Be the Financial Hero

When I was freshly out of college with my first high-paying job, I would constantly insist on paying for everything. Meals out with friends, lattes


Nine Simple Ways to Stand Out in Your Career

For a long time, I worked in what you might think of as a typical office environment – imagine Dilbert without the pointy-haired boss (my

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Cooking Blog Update Edition

Recently, several readers have asked about my proposed cooking blog. There are really three big factors that have kept me from launching it. First, I

Misery is not Miserly: Breaking the Connection Between Spending and Sadness

One of my readers recently alerted me to an interesting article at entitled Why Sadness Can Blow Your Budget. The article discusses the “misery


Using SuperCook to Save on Your Grocery Bill

Over the last week, SuperCook has quickly become one of my favorite websites. Basically, SuperCook is a database of recipes that works in a very

The Fine Art of Abandoning Goals

Hopefully, this headline woke you up a bit this morning. Several months ago, I made a list of 101 goals that I wanted to reach

Review: Happier

Each Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal development or personal productivity book. As a rule of thumb, I’m a melancholic person, even though I