Goals and Plans for 2009

Roughly a year ago, I wrote an article entitled Goals and Plans for 2008 that specified the things I intended to do during this year:

If You Don’t Need It, It’s Not a Deal!

The following guest post is from Jason of FrugalDad.com. Jason writes about frugal living, family finances, and other related topics at his blog. With the

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: College Football Edition

I’m apparently one of a tiny handful of college football fans out there that actually thinks the BCS system works well. Almost every year, it

The Basics of Dealing with a Loan Default

Over the past few weeks, several readers have written in with questions related to defaulting on their loans. Some individuals were in a precarious situation

Family Traditions: What Children Really Want for Christmas

While I recuperate, I’ll be sprinkling in a few guest posts from some of my favorite personal finance bloggers. This is a guest post from

Overcoming Obstacles

As I’ve written about on here and Twittered about more than a few times, I’ve been through some serious health issues over the last month

Reader Mailbag #40

Each Monday, The Simple Dollar opens up the reader mailbags and answers ten to twenty simple questions offered up by the readers on personal finance

Review: Outliers

Every other Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal finance, personal development, or entrepreneurship book. Ever wondered how exactly someone becomes world class at something?

The Best Moment of Your Day

My wife keeps a pretty simple journal. In it, she simply notes the best moment of her day (and occasionally a few other things). Usually,

Reading Tactics For Personal Growth

One topic that seems to come up time and time again in my reader mailbag columns is the concept of reading for personal growth. I

The Simple Dollar’s Christmas Charity for 2008: Jump for Joel

Each year, I like to highlight a charity that’s near and dear to my heart and encourage readers, if they’re considering donating money to a

The Intelligent Investor: The Investor and Market Fluctuations

This is the ninth in a weekly series of articles providing a chapter-by-chapter in-depth “book club” reading of Benjamin Graham’s investing classic The Intelligent Investor.


Gas Price Deflation

In just a few short months, the price of gas at the station I regularly use has dropped from $4.09 per gallon to $1.49 per


The Backup Checking Account

Not too long ago, my wife and I combined our checking and savings accounts, mostly in an effort to make our personal finance management simpler.

Internal and External Signals

Over Thanksgiving and the following weekend, my wife and children and I went back to our home town to visit our families. There were many

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Recovery Edition

As some of you are aware, I’ve been recovering from a very nasty illness (or series of illnesses) for a while now. Some days are

The Balance of Happiness and Saving for the Future

This past Saturday, I was a dinner guest at the home of a family friend of my wife’s parents. Over dinner, the conversation was lively


Cutting Down Costs of After-School Activities

The routine is familiar to many parents. You have an out-of-town school or extracurricular function, whether it be a sporting event or a club meeting