Month: May 2014

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Mad Men Edition

Recently, I dug out a copy of Mad Men: Season 1 on DVD that I’d received for a gift a long time ago and never watched. And now I’m thoroughly hooked. For once, the hype was right on. The only problem now is that season 3 is airing on television and I’ve yet to see …

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The Simple Dollar Podcast #14: Personal Finance Media

The fourteenth episode looks at the personal finance media. Who can you trust? Total length: 7:25. Listen In! Other options for enjoying The Simple Dollar Podcast include: Listen to this episode on a separate page Subscribe via iTunes Download this episode (right click and save) Subscribe in the media player of your choice Though I …

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Some Thoughts on Building a Successful Friendship

Early this year, I posted a popular article, Some Thoughts on Building a Successful Marriage. In it, I gave my thoughts on what it takes to make a marriage work – and since your spouse is your most important partner in your finances and your life, it’s important to have a successful relationship there. Recently, …

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