The Gradual Shift

When I hit my financial bottom, I realized that a lot of things in my life needed to change. I went through my closets and

Seven Rational Things to Do When Financial Panic Hits

I originally included this email in the reader mailbag this morning, but my answer to Susan’s email (below) went on so long that I thought

Reader Mailbag: Work, Work, Work

Lots of questions this week dealing with the workplace. Let’s dig in. My work is now offering a Roth 401(k) option in addition to the


Optimizing the Value of Your Commute

Kelly writes in: For the first time in my life, I have a daily commute to work. I drive about 45 minutes each way to

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Headset Edition

For the last year and a half, I’ve used Skype for my business phone – through book edits and interviews and so on, it was


Optimizing Your Grocery List

A few weeks ago, I went to the grocery store in the afternoon to take care of grocery shopping for the week. Sarah had written


Why Work?

A few days ago, my four year old son came into my office when I was finishing up an article for The Simple Dollar. “What

Dealing with Dissatisfaction

What do you do if you’re dissatisfied with your cell phone? You find that it endlessly frustrates you. It’s constantly interrupting you. It doesn’t have

Reader Mailbag: Big Challenges and Business Cards

Welcome to the week-opening Reader Mailbag! What, in your estimation, is a comfortable (or perhaps average) salary for a young family? Assuming both parents are

Review: The Retirement Savings Time Bomb… And How to Defuse It

Every Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal finance book or related book of interest. For a long time, I avoided reading this book. The


When Living Cheap Catches Up With You

Julia writes in: What do you do when frugal living catches up with you? As a family we had a much lower income from 2002

Deflation? Hyperinflation? What Do I Do?

I absolutely love tuning into talk radio stations. It’s hucksterism at its most entertaining – the selling of fear is palpable and the line between

The Simple Dollar Time Machine: February 13, 2010

Many newer readers of The Simple Dollar haven’t been exposed to the hundreds of great articles in the archives of the site, so this is

Our Towels Don’t Match Our Bathroom Curtains

My cell phone doesn’t let me watch streaming internet video. I don’t own a pair of pants that cost more than $40 – and most

The Minimal Tip

I don’t believe in the idea of a “minimum tip.” There, I said it. It’s a big change from my previous beliefs on tipping. A


Right now, there’s a personal matter going on in my life that’s been bothering me – it’s been on my mind heavily all day today.

Reader Mailbag: Lost, Laundry, and Long-Term Debts

You asked for it, you got it. Until further notice, there will be a second Reader Mailbag on Thursday mornings. I’m a 23 year old

Putting Out Fires

Recently, I had a long conversation with an old friend of mine whose opinions and ideas I value greatly. He asked me what personal finance