Month: March 2010

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Free Teleclass Edition

I’m hosting a free teleclass with Vicki Robin (author of Your Money or Your Life) this evening starting at 5 PM Pacific / 6 PM Mountain / 7 PM Central / 8 PM Pacific and running for roughly 90 minutes.. During it, I’m going to give a short presentation (mostly geared toward people who have …

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Raising Deductibles to Save Money on Insurance: Does It Work?

One common, painful bill that we all face is the insurance bill. Whether you’re talking renters insurance, home insurance, or car insurance, the bill feels painful because it’s not something we can often directly see the benefit from. It just comes in handy when something goes wrong. Compare Home Insurance Quotes Enter Your Zip Code: …

Categories: Housing, Insurance

Cohabitation as a Financial Tool

Over the weekend, I made two brief mentions of using cohabitation as a method for saving money. In other words, if you invite someone to share your home with you (or share someone else’s home with them) and come to a reasonable agreement for sharing the load on the bills of the home, you can …

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When Parental Money Lessons Backfire

As I’ve mentioned before, we give our children a small allowance each week. Our daughter, who is only two, puts all of her money into a single-slot piggy bank and is allowed to fully spend it as she chooses. Our son gets more money for his allowance (for now), but has a Money Savvy Pig, …

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Reader Mailbag: Drawing the Line

It’s Monday again, and that means it’s time for another Reader Mailbag. I think I read an old post where you gave a suggestion into when it is good to utilize a credit cards rewards program and when it isn’t such a good idea. I don’t remember too much about the post but I think …

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