How to Handle Pets When You Can’t Afford Them Any More

Hey, look, today I’m going to wade into something that’s bound to get hundreds of angry comments! Yesterday, I read an article over at Get

Reader Mailbag: A Bit of Auden

“You need not see what someone is doing to know if it is his vocation, you have only to watch his eyes: a cook mixing

The Wonderful Rewards of Not Spending

Sarah and I have a lot of similar ideas when it comes to personal finance. We both believe in saving for the future. We both

The Simple Dollar Weekly Roundup: Library Edition

A library with an efficient website completely changes how you use the library. Here’s what I mean. Let’s say I’m visiting one of my favorite

Getting Things Done: A New Practice for a New Reality

This is the first entry in a fourteen part series discussing the time management classic Getting Things Done by David Allen. New entries in this

Some Thoughts on Hiring People

About once a day, I hear from someone who lists off a bunch of their investments, says that they don’t think their financial advisor is