25 Excellent Personal Finance And Personal Development Sites

Recently, I wrote about the only personal finance sites I visit every day, and I made an offhand mention of having a lot of sites that I peruse daily via Google Reader, even if I don’t visit the site itself daily.

This begged an obvious question that several readers called me on: what do you read in Google Reader? Since I read about 100 blogs and the majority of them aren’t related to personal finance and personal development (think parenting and also the blogs of friends), and I’m constantly giving new blogs a try to see if they stick around for me, it wouldn’t make much sense to post all of the sites I have in Google Reader.

Instead, I went and took my list of feeds from about three months ago from my old feed reader, eliminated all of the ones that weren’t personal finance or personal productivity related, and then compared this list to the ones I read today. I was left with twenty five blogs, so here’s my recommended reading list.

43 Folders (personal productivity)
An English Major’s Money (personal finance with mature student perspective)
Consumerism Commentary (personal finance and consumer info)
Dumb Little Man (a mix of things)
Fat Pitch Financials (personal finance)
Five Cent Nickel (personal finance)
Generation X Finance (personal finance)
Get Rich Slowly (mostly personal finance)
I Will Teach You To Be Rich (personal finance, entrepreneurship)
Lazy Man and Money (personal finance)
Lifehacker (personal productivity)
lifehack.org (personal productivity)
Mighty Bargain Hunter (personal finance)
Money, Matter, and More Musings (personal finance)
My Money Blog (personal finance)
My Open Wallet (personal finance)
Not Made of Money (personal finance)
Open Loops (personal productivity)
Productivity501 (personal productivity)
Queercents (personal finance)
The Digerati Life (personal finance)
What’s The Next Action? (personal productivity)
Wise Bread (personal finance)
Zen Habits (all kinds of stuff)

What about you? What sites (especially blogs) not listed here do you read for personal information and personal finance on the internet? Please post your favorites in the comments.

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  1. 60 in 3 says:

    If you look at my productivity and money blog tab on my google home page, these are pretty much the ones I read. The only two I would add are daily writing tips and daily blog tips. Both blogs are run by the same person I believe and give some great tips about running a blog and writing well.


  2. Madame X says:

    I keep feeling the need to purge some stuff from my feed reader so I can really focus on the most interesting sites. I agree with a lot of your picks, and am looking forward to checking out some of the productivity ones, as that is an area I haven’t really followed.
    Of course, I don’t know if it will improve my productivity to start reading that many more blogs!
    Thanks for including me on your list!

    PS, I think your regular sidebar link to my site may still be showing the old blogspot.com domain– can you update that if you get a chance? thanks!

  3. This is remarkably close to my daily reads as well. Thanks for the mention.

  4. Mitch says:

    In addition to those you listed, I visit these blogs every week or so: Zen Habits, Blunt Money, and sometimes Frugal Zeitgeist.

    I also highly recommend the Discardian blog, now discontinued but the archives remain online. It is a kind of decluttering/simple living blog.

    The Dollar Stretcher website is not a blog exactly but does update every week since it is spun off from a longstanding homegrown newsletter. I’ll admit that it’s a crappy design (and I may yet volunteer some work on it) and that the writing of the contributors is uneven, but I’ve been reading it for almost ten years and can say there’s a lot of accumulated old-school (e.g. my grandparents’ generation) knowledge swirling around in there, especially if you are searching for ideas to solve particular problems.

  5. I read all of these sites… and mine! lol

  6. Jeremy says:

    That list matches mine very closely, with all of the PF sites included and a good number of the productivity/development sites as well. I have a smattering of some other PF sites as well as some science/technology feeds.

    And thanks for the mention :)

  7. I need to take a harder look at those you mention here (esp. personal productivity)! Also, I’m honored to make your list :). Thanks for giving us a peek into your reader.

  8. plonkee says:

    I also read free money finance and blueprint for financial prosperity and comment very regularly. I’ve got my own blog in my reader as well, although I’m not sure that I read it for personal information as to make sure that its posting right.

  9. Flexo says:

    Thanks for the recommendations in the personal development niche. I’m skeptical of the genre thanks to the gurus I’ve been exposed to, so I’m hoping some fresh writing by bloggers might change my mind.

    Thanks also for reading Consumerism Commentary. :-)

  10. Trent says:

    I should mention that there are a few sites out there that I would read, except they don’t offer a full RSS feed. This makes it much more difficult for me to follow their site – the features of Google Reader are such that for browsing content and flagging it for later (like for my morning roundups), I almost need it to keep things productive, and being forced to go away from that to read someone’s content puts up an enormous barrier for me.

  11. Marcy says:

    One blog I’ve recently become addicted to is The Wastrel Show at blogspot (I believe she has an RSS feed). Her blog presents personal finance from a 50+ partial retiree perspective and is very grounded. Worth a looksee!!

  12. kath says:

    Motley Fool has a lot of info that I have found to be really helpful.

  13. I’m flattered that I made the list! I’m also interested in checking out some of the personal productivity sites (in a sort of investigatory, maybe-I’ll-dip-my-toe-in way), so thanks for this post.

  14. Will says:

    Wow. We’re very flattered to be included in such great company. Thanks Trent!

  15. Clever Dude says:

    I read Clever Dude. He’s witty and smart and sexy! And he hasn’t written a paid review in AGES!

  16. Him says:

    Guess we gotta change that summary feed to full feed…

  17. Hey Trent – Great list. For as much time as I spend online, I was surprised to see half a dozen that I didn’t recognize. I’ll have to check them out.

    Thanks for including us by the way!


  18. Matt says:

    You read all those sites?!
    I personally like what they’re covering at wesabe.com, particularly since they focus on savings. I’ve also started a blog recently to chronicle what we’ve learned at the startup I’m with which has developed a process for getting on track for retirement that uses Flash and is based on the work of leading Certified Financial Planners.

  19. Adam says:

    Of course, to make it a good 26, you’d go to my site…lol.

    Seriously, great list.

  20. katty says:

    Great list – I think you should include some tools as well – one site I visit frequently is Mvelopes.com and use their envelope budgeting system online. They have good articles there as well and a good community via their forums.


  21. beloml says:

    Free Money Finance is my favorite site besides this one. I encourage you and your readers to check it out.

  22. mihnea says:

    I would recommend one more. It isn’t mine, just a guy that I read: http://www.ririanproject.com

  23. Carmen says:

    Get Rich Slowly is one of my favourite PF blogs and I also read a number of the other ones in your list.

    Free Money Finance and Frugal For Life are two of my regular reads that didn’t make your list.

    I agree – a full feed makes a big difference – the blogs I read the most often all have a full feed.

  24. Mardee says:

    For those who rely on Google Reader and have a Gmail account, Gina over at Lifehacker just released a Firefox extension that integrates GR into Gmail. It’s nice if you don’t want to keep hopping between two websites. It’s available at http://lifehacker.com/software/gmail/lifehacker-code-better-gmail-firefox-extension-251923.php

  25. Saving Lady says:

    Sorry to see my sites didn’t make the list, but compared to these, it flies pretty low under the radar. Nonetheless, you might want to take a look at
    http://www.101WaysToSaveMoney.com and

    You won’t get a PHD in saving or finance here, but easy ideas to implement that will start you on your way to a better financil future.

  26. George says:

    Wow, I’m honored that Fat Pitch Financials is on your short reading list. I hope you are learning a lot from my value investing experiences.

  27. DiscreetKid says:

    There is a fairly new personal development site that looks like it has some potential:


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