35 Outrageous Fees – And How To Avoid Them

Recently, CNNMoney.com posted an article containing 35 outrageous fees, along with tips on avoiding them. Unfortunately, due to the terrible layout of the article (you’re forced to jump from page to page in a very awkward fashion), it’s almost impossible to see all of the fees and also jump to the one you want to read.

I did the footwork for you, and here’s the list of Money Magazine’s 35 Outrageous Fees. Each one is linked to the appropriate page on the CNN/Money site so that you can jump straight to the information about that fee. After the list is a bit of general commentary.

  1. Airlines: Paper tickets
  2. Airlines: Talking to a person
  3. Changing your flight
  4. Airlines: Reserving an aisle seat
  5. Overpacking
  6. Car rental: insurance
  7. Car rental: excise taxes
  8. Hotel fees: Internet connection fee
  9. Hotel fees: Resort fee
  10. Hotel fees: Automatic gratuities
  11. Hotel fees: Package delivery fees
  12. Hotel fees: Mini-bar restocking
  13. Phone surcharges: Carrier cost recovery fee
  14. Phone surcharges: AT&T’s tax-related surcharge
  15. Phone surcharges: Property tax surcharge
  16. Phone surcharges: Activation fee
  17. Phone surcharges: Cancellation penalty
  18. Gift card activation fee
  19. Junk closing costs
  20. Title insurance
  21. Biweekly payment fee
  22. ATM fees
  23. Monthly service fee
  24. Bad deposit fee
  25. Foreign currency fee
  26. Credit card late fees
  27. Balance transfer fee
  28. Over-limit fee
  29. Same day payment fee
  30. Mutual fund fees: Index funds
  31. Mutual fund fees: Large U.S. stock funds
  32. Mutual fund fees: Target-date retirement funds
  33. Variable annuity expenses
  34. Brokerage transfer fees
  35. 529 expenses

It’s a good list, but most of these “outrageous” fees boil down to consumer irresponsibility, unfortunately. Many of these are due to violations of clearly-stated policies by companies; just follow their policies and use some common sense and you’ll skip right over many of these fees. The Simple Dollar has written about common fees hidden in credit card agreements if you’re interested in learning more. Other than that, there is one fee that really irritates me that isn’t listed here: a fee to deposit loose change into your savings/checking account.

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