Pet Ownership Costs Guide for 2017

...slippery animal around your home. If you think a dog is hard to catch normally, try grabbing one covered in soap. The average cost of

cat in laundry basket - homemade laundry detergent

Revisiting My Homemade Laundry Soap Recipe recipe at the time for making homemade laundry soap. In terms of cost-effectiveness, that recipe is amazing. It costs just a little under three

woman working on laptop work from home

12 Strategies for Maintaining Focus While Working at Home

...focus. That encourages you to say, “Well, I need to get the laundry done and the dishes done and there’s nothing too urgent right now,

juice cleanse

Questions About Financial Coaching, Letterboxing, Bag Dumps, and More! empty Nalgene water bottle + a few basic toiletries in a bag – deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, a razor, some shaving soap, some aspirin

woman's reflection in mirror

Taking a Hard Look at Your Future Self

...what actually works for you. Does store brand hand soap work well for you? Do you actually even notice the difference? What about making cold

chopping vegetables

12 Strategies for a Successful ‘Meal Prep Day’

...ingredients on that list, then one friend comes over with the ingredients they bought and the containers they want to use in a laundry basket

woman shopping for produce at whole foods

The Magic of Hedonic Adaptation

...of that other stuff, either. I use a minimal amount of cheap soap each time I shower and I just eat a well-rounded diet so

applying for credit card after bankruptcy on laptop

31 Days to Financial Independence (Day 21): Starting a Side Business

...things that you don’t mind doing that other people seem to loathe doing. House cleaning. Lawn mowing and other yard work. Laundry. Moving stuff. Walking

company holiday party

A Ton of Last-Minute Holiday Gift Ideas for $20 or Less

...For men, for example, you might consider getting a bar of Dr. Squatch’s cedar citrus soap to create that gentle manly smell, or perhaps a

Student taking notes - college student tax credits lifetime learning credit

Tax Guide for College Students school and you’re washing your own laundry, working at a job, and finally living on your own. You’re independent, right? While you may love

cash in a jar - types of savings accounts

31 Days to Financial Independence (Day 17): Integrating Cost-Cutting Measures Into Your Life each month from installing weatherstripping and the $10 you save each month from switching to store brand laundry detergent, and scoop all of those

three children on the floor

The Financial Decision of a Lifetime: Should I Have Children?

...home (because eating out with kids isn’t happening) and doing more laundry because there are many more clothes and sheets and other items to be

man shrugging

Financial Success and Ethical Consumption

...for example, that MegaCorp makes a particular brand of popular discount laundry detergent. The chemicals used in making the detergent is harsh and it is

family on the steps of new home - credit score mortgage

Handling Stress Without Undoing Financial Progress

...I could hire a local laundry service to do several loads of laundry and then deliver it folded, which would save some laundry time. I

ceiling fan

Questions About Ceiling Fans, Unpaid Work, Junk Drawers, and More! With longer hair, I have to brush it. It also takes longer to wash it. If it’s really short, I put a drop of

watches on wrist

How a Meaningful Morning Routine Can Set The Stage for Financial, Professional, and Personal Success

...not. Many professional tasks fall into this category (the “un-fun” parts of your job) as do many personal tasks (like laundry… seriously, I don’t know

remote control

31 Days to Financial Independence (Day 10): Trimming Your Spending – Utilities

...your laundry outside. Running a dryer eats up a lot of energy, even with an energy efficient dryer. This is especially true during the summer

woman using laptop - cheap internet service

Questions About National Parks, Pocket Notebooks, Cheap DVDs, and More!

...discussed arrangement involves my mother “paying” for her share through house work and child care. She has basically volunteered to do the laundry, watch my

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