A Month of Change

During the month of February, I committed myself to writing one long note each day to someone who I used to be highly connected with but have drifted apart from for some reason or another.

Old friends. Old co-workers. Old clubmates. Old business partners. Old classmates.

Once upon a time, I shared something valuable with each of them and I mostly wanted them to know that I still thought of them and cared for them.

Mostly, the notes so far have been full of questions. I’ve talked about myself a little, but the real reason for writing has been to get to know more about them. I want to listen to them and know them again.

So far, it’s been very fun. I’ve heard back from all but one of the people I’ve written to and I’ve engaged in some absoultely wonderful re-connection and bonding with people.

It’s been a month of change.

See, this idea for February is just my second attempt in something I’m trying in my life. At the start of each month, I try to look through my life for something that’s bothering me and I simply decide that the coming month is going to be a month in which I address that thing.

For example, in January, what bothered me more than anything was that I was worried about long-term income coming from one single income stream, so I spent much of the month working on projects that could put multiple long-term income streams into place. It’s led to a couple of ongoing but very manageable projects for me – essentially refinements of things I was already doing.

I feel like I’m in a much better place with regards to that part of my life.

In February, it’s reconnecting with people I’m out of touch with and rekindling some friendships and relationships.

Already, I feel like I’m in a much better place with regards to that part of my life.

You might think that writing a post like this might make more sense at the end of a month, where I would suggest people to come up with something to change about their life in the coming month.

However, there’s more to it than that. I’m already thinking quite a bit about how March is going to be a “month of change” in another aspect of my life.

First, you need to regularly inventory your life and know what you’re content with and what bothers you. Often, we’ll have a nagging sense of something wrong in our lives, but we don’t necessarily know what’s wrong. Spend some time digging through the areas of your life where you feel like something’s out of place.

Once you’ve isolated one thing that really bothers you about your life, come up with a one month plan to turn that ship around.

Make a plan that involves you doing something each day during that month to improve that specific aspect of your life and, more importantly, put things in place to put you on a long-term track toward better behavior. Don’t just pledge to behave differently on that one day. Do something that will change the long-term path you’re on.

Throw the junk food out of your house. Clean up your social network and find new friends. De-commit from some responsibilities in your life and commit to new ones. Open new channels of communication with people in your life. Set up a workflow for creating new creative works.

For example, if you want to get in better shape, your plan shouldn’t be to just run a mile every day. It should be to research and figure out what sort of preparation will make it easy for you to run a mile every single day. How can you get yourself into appropriate shape quickly without killing yourself? How can you come up with a routine that breaks down as much resistance to a daily jog as possible?

A month of change isn’t just doing something different each day. It’s putting the elements in place for a complete change in some aspect of your life.

Are you ready for a month of change?

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