Ask The Readers: Should I Slow Down?

Over the past month, I have received several comments from readers stating that they love the site, but that it’s either too much to keep up with or that they’re just barely keeping up. Obviously, long time readers know that I can write a lot, and the truth is that I enjoy it, but I am concerned that I may be alienating some readers by posting too much.

One concept I am considering is slowing my daily posting rate down to about four per weekday: a morning roundup, a book review, and two others. I would also slow down to two posts on weekends. Is this something you would rather see, or would you prefer that I stick with my current posting schedule?

Most likely, I would use that extra time (not writing as much for The Simple Dollar) to launch a separate blog on a parallel topic, either blogging or personal productivity (I haven’t made up my mind for sure yet) that would have a similar posting schedule to The Simple Dollar, but focus on a primary area that is distinct from The Simple Dollar.

What do you think, readers? Would you rather see The Simple Dollar continue at the current pace, or have it slow down a bit?

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  1. Andrew says:

    If it meant that the new site got up to speed quicker, I wouldn’t mind.

    Although it doesn’t mean you can’t have a 5th post if the mood strikes you ;)

  2. Rick says:

    I love the posts! I would be dissapointed if the posting pace slowed. :)

  3. bespeckled says:

    I love your multiple postings. I am online all day and am surprised to see how far behind I can get with your site. But…that is the problem. I get behind and so I don’t read all of your stuff. I look over the titles and pick and choose. I would hate for you to stifle your writing as your posts are excellent, but I admit that I don’t read each and every post.

    Thanks for all the information you provide. You have an excellent site!

  4. Beth says:

    I’m doing okay keeping up on a light level, but I don’t get to dig in deeply. However I think that’s okay. I really like the retro posts you’re doing.

    Do you want 2 cents on the new blog topic? I vote for personal productivity. I could see doing a series on creating a blog, but a blog about blogging is a bit too meta for me to want to check it often.

  5. mh1 says:

    I enjoy your aggressive publishing schedule as it makes the site always appear fresh. Some other financial blogs only post once every few days, which makes it less valuable to me if the post doesn’t apply to my situation.

  6. Alan says:

    Yea slow it down Trent. Most of us get the point by now. Spend less then you earn.

  7. Tkriger says:

    I like the current format, not too quick at all…the only suggestion i have is the daily book post may not be necessary.

  8. wop9 says:

    I enjoy the current pace, it’s always something new and interesting to read. Keep it up, as long as it’s not exhausting to you. I know writing that much would be for me. :)

  9. sharky says:

    I am a new reader, so I am not sure if I count, but I have been enjoying the frequent posts.

  10. minadaddy says:

    That sounds like a great idea. I’d love to see a blog on personal productivity. While I get a lot out of the things you post, I’m tracking so many blogs that sometimes I skim past posts from some of the more prolific bloggers, like yourself.

  11. Aaron says:

    This is the only blog I’ve ever seen that is run by one person and has so many top quality posts in a single day. Personally, I love it. Sometimes, yes, it can be overwhelming. This occurs when I’m busy at work and I don’t get the chance to read everything in as much detail as I’d like. However, if you’re happy with your current pace (which it sounds like you are) I’d say keep with it. You do an excellent job here and I look forward to each and every post.

  12. David says:

    I would rather see you slow down a little. Once per day is enough to keep me coming back daily. 3-4 posts per day is more than plenty.

    If you can’t help but keep writing, then just keep the extra articles on the side. You can then use them some other day, or even check them out with a more critical eye later to see if they’re even worth of posting at all. This way, you could build yourself a whole pre-typed, pre-edited store of material, and then take a little time off even.

    So glad I found your site through those months ago.

  13. Nick says:

    Fast pace … I went through your entire archive in 7 days (along with two other sites), madly trying to pull together my thoughts on how I can turn around my current situation. Now that I’m on pace with a few goals (and dropped one of the sites), I can keep up with your postings.

    BUT, I can emphathize with those who want to take your advice and do something with it. If they get to many thoughts and opportunities (Inundated) and do not have enough time to follow through (Overwhelmed), I can see why they would ask you to slow down (Frustrated).

    THERFORE, your productivity blog might actually be part of their answer. ;)

    I’m looking forward to either of your blogs and will continue to look forward to the one you do create second.

  14. Kirsten says:

    I like being able to read about so many different topics in just one day, but slowing down wouldn’t hurt either. And if that gives you more time to spend on your new project, isn’t that a win-win situation?

  15. Damian says:

    I don’t mind about the current posting schedule, but think launching a parallel blog (the one one productivity would be good) sounds like a good idea

  16. acidspit says:

    Please slow down. There are other websites/blogs that I read that I’m having a really difficult time keeping up with your content, which I really enjoy and want to read. Your content really is worth reading, but I find that if I’m busy during the day, I can’t spend the time I want to reading each and every post.

    Once per day would be good, 7 days a week.


  17. JAK says:

    I’m very impressed by the quality of constant posts. Thanks to your well organized categories for reference I have no problem with the current volume. I am amazed though at your batting average. Either way, thanks.

  18. dimes says:

    I probably suggested you slow down about 700 posts ago. ;-) The pace is far faster than I can handle, and you’re probably forfeiting a lot of traffic and good comments because people simply cannot keep up with what you post.

  19. WXC says:

    I don’t think you should slow down. I find those who say they can’t keep up to be a little silly. You don’t have to read every single post, and it’s not like your life will fail to improve if you miss a nugget of info here and there. If it feels good write it. This is personal finance after all, the *person* needs to sift through the info by choosing what to read by your headlines or just take the time to read them all. You’re already giving people the info must you manage their time as well? I can’t keep up with all the stuff on ESPN, doesn’t keep me from watching it.

  20. ST says:

    Yes, I feel the same way–I can’t really keep up. We all have many feeds we follow. I always backlog on yours, and binge to get caught up. When I do that, I never have time to read the comments from readers, which often can be the best part of things. It’d be great if you’d slow to 4 posts and light weekends. I think I’d get more out it that way. And I assume that the real gems would be what gets posted, while the mid-level stuff would fall aside. Good all around if you ask me.

  21. Balfour says:

    Don’t slow down–it’s great to see constant new titles. On the other hand, you could do longer posts.

  22. Wow – you’re going to have a hard time deciding what to do based on the feedback you’re getting.

    My only suggestion would come in the area of book reviews. Splitting a single book review into so many, detailed, chapter-by-chapter posts is just too much for me to dig through.

    Other than that I would say slow down if you feel like it, but only by a little.

    Good work!

  23. MossySF says:

    You need to post more! I’m running out of things to read at work!

  24. Keep it up. Other than, this is the only site that I feel the NEED to check more than a couple of times a day

  25. Keith says:

    hmm…i think less posts on finance and another blog on personal productivity would be best.

  26. Chicky says:

    I’m glad you asked this because I was thinking of sending you an email earlier today…please slow it down. I used to enjoy your site, but find that I rarely come to it anymore because I know I’ll feel bombarded. I think 3-4 posts a day is even too much. I agree with some of the other commenters that we don’t need so many (or any, in my opinion) book reviews. I’ll keep reading if it goes back to the older format (less postings, more quality). Otherwise, I think this style will fizzle.

  27. Amy says:

    I vote for slowing down. — I’d be just as happy with 4 posts a day as with 6. I’d love to read your new blog.

  28. jake says:

    pace is fine with me but then I usualy am online all day lol I can read all day

  29. Hello down there! I’m yelling from the other end of the spectrum. I post about once a week, so I commend you for being such a powerhouse blogger. With all of the other pf bloggers out there, it’s kind of like you’re competing with them, and doing a darn good job. Keep up the great work!

  30. Eric says:

    It would be nice to slow the pace down, but I still enjoy the site either way.

  31. Brian says:

    Pace yourself. Though, unlike many other sites I follow, I tend to find something to appreciate in nearly every post. Don’t forget to factor in your second child when you are making plans for other blogs. Things change with #2. And #3… Double-team > man-to-man > to zone = no discretionary time.

  32. Niels says:

    I think most of the articles are pretty good, some are US oriented which is no good if you live in Europe like me.
    As for posting frequency I vote for slowing down.
    I’ve been reading TSD for a couple of weeks now, but at the current rate of articles I scan most more than I read them. I’d rather see 2 excellent posts a day than 6 that are good.

    Maybe you can try and save some article ideas for later and then combine them with new ideas to make an excellent post instead of 2 good ones?

  33. sheri says:

    I like to always have stuff to choose from for reading, and like the fast pace of the site. To save time, I just skim the posts that don’t interest me (most of the book reviews and anything really specific (the enourmous mortgage calculator posts come to mind).

    Since I am obviously not the dealbreaker, also consider: A lot of posts are relevant only to some audiences (basics won’t interest and advanced reader, and vice versa). And you can always read less of the site than you post.. but you can never read more.

  34. Mitch says:

    I think it would be nice if you posted more, but don’t overcommit yourself! I skim various sites to relax or take breaks, and every weekday I look forward to running across *something* entertaining here.

  35. Erb says:

    I don’t want you to slow down. I love the multiple posts about multiple topics, and I look forward to them. Some may apply more than others, but that is ok by me. I find that I get irritated with sites that don’t provide enough fresh material.

  36. kimberly says:

    I like the current pace, but I won’t stop reading if you slow down a little. (I’d be interested in reading your thoughts on personal productivity as well.)

  37. Carla says:

    I am online all day and am constantly looking forward to your new posts, it is definitely the blog I enjoy reading the most. I vote for the current pace.

  38. I enjoy visiting your site and do believe it is up to you, the creator, to decide what feels right for yourself. However, I find that more and more I’m skipping the Simple Dollar in my feeds because I’m so far behind. Instead of reading each new content article and digesting it with flourish, I end up scrolling quickly through everything while frantically trying to catch up.

    If you enjoy writing and continuing on with your current pace, I say go for it! But it can, at times, be a hinderance for us busier folk.


  39. Bobby says:

    I am with bespeckled…I usually glance at the body of the article and if something catches my eye, I will read deeper.

  40. sam says:

    I feel that I browse through alot of your writing when I turn on the newsfeed at night and you have multiple posts. If you slowed it down I would read more of the site. I like the morning round ups because i check the site 2 times everyday. morning and evening.

  41. Bren says:

    I found your web-site yesterday, I REALLY like your writings and thoughts, Thanks, I put your site on the top of my list of favorites. Keep up the good work.I really learn from this site.( I would prob.donate money if needed) thanks again , Bren

  42. Raddu says:

    I don’t have time to read all the posts, but that’s ok. I like that you do a lot of posting so everyday there’s something that interests me.

    However; I am interested in reading your thoughts on personal productivity.

    If you were to cut things I would suggest condensing the book reviews into overall reviews with low and high-lights.

  43. Ed says:

    You don’t need to write slower, we just have to read faster. :-)

    Seriously, your writing doesn’t contain a lot of padding. You get to the point in a sentence or two and, once there, you don’t dawdle. Most of us appreciate that.

    Keep ‘em coming!

  44. Ty says:

    I don’t mind that much. I subscribe with my RSS Reader so I can take my time. I appreciate all the great advice though. Thanks!

  45. Kate S says:

    Slowing down seems like a good idea to me. 2-3 posts a day seems like the reasonable maximum. I’m sure an average reader is subscribed to multiple blogs, so it would be easier to keep up.

  46. Vinaya says:

    Your posting frequency is quite alright. Personally, I quickly scan through the post’s content and read in-depth only what is important to me.

  47. Laura says:

    I think you’re really talking about two extremes here. You post, what, 4 or 5 times a day? 4 or 5 times a week would be far too minimal. And I, personally, like the links of the morning and weekly book series. Perhaps each weekday could be three posts: those two, and an additional indepth post, and then the weekend could get some arbitrary number.

  48. plonkee says:

    Don’t slow down.

    I absolutely love to read and I get really disappointed if there aren’t new things on the simple dollar.

    If you are really convinced by all these comments to slow down, then I’d rather see the book report things every other day than miss all the other posts.

    By, the way, highlighting the retro posts is a great idea.

  49. Bob says:

    don’t slow down! people can subscribe to your email list or get an rss reader. don’t let other people hold you back.

  50. Mike says:

    I’ve felt like you’ve been writing for two completely different blogs all along.

    Every other post is on productivity or social awareness. Only once a day (or two) is there a post containing researched financial advice.

    I’d set up the 2nd blog on productivity by taking the articles that you’re already posting on TSD that have nothing to do with finance (that’s productive and efficient already!).

    Then spend more time researching one good finance article a day. I appreciate the Money magazine break down, financial book reviews, and investing info such as mutual fund week.

    My $0.02. Keep up the good work.

  51. Thomas says:

    It’s true, you write a lot. However, please, don’t stop for my sake as long as you keep using meaningful titles so that I can skip the posts that I don’t find interesting enough to spend my time reading (but maybe later I will – and then I’ll be glad they were written).

    The only reason I see to stop: You want more time with your family, friends, work, studying, etc.?

    Great blog, I like it. High posting frequency or not, I’ll still come back.

  52. Dustin says:

    Don’t slow down! I don’t check sites that rarely update except maybe once a week or so. I think you have an entirely healthy pace right now!

  53. Dina says:

    I greatly enjoy your posts, but how about 4 per week – a separate one for book reviews, another one for recipes, another for finance and then a general one? This would make it a lot easier for those of us who save your valuable info. Many of us read numerous other websites/blogs, and it is hard to give yours the full attention it deserves when it arrives so frequently. No matter what you decide, I’ll keep reading – great work!

  54. kyle says:

    Pace is fine with me as well. I tend to skip over a few articles that don’t interest me so much (or just read the points in bold), anyhow.

  55. Craig says:

    4 posts would be fine (5 posts haven’t been too much for me). Use the extra time on additional blogs. Honestly, I really like your writing and if you post 4 posts to 2 blogs (8 posts) I will read all of them. People who want less of you can just read one of the two blogs that interest them the most. If we get a vote, I vote for a personal productivity blog. I have gotten my finances in order (with help from several personal finance blogs) and am now trying to improve my productivity. I see the two as highly complimentary topics. Personal finance and blogging are remarkably different topics.

  56. Anita says:

    I haven’t commented on any posts yet but I felt strongly about this, so here it is.

    It sounds like some of your readers need to improve their time-management skills. I have no trouble reading the posts that I find interesting. I just skip the ones that don’t apply to me. If there is a day when I can’t read all the stories that I want to, guess what – I save them for another day. It’s not as if they’ll disappear if I don’t read them on the day they’re posted. Anyway, my vote goes to keeping the current format, and I hope you don’t change a thing!

  57. adam says:

    don’t slow down, just re-organize the site!

  58. Dean Jackson says:

    More than one post a day generally means you have less to say per post.

    Although I read your column through RSS, I usually punt it without reading the post titles because I prefer reading the personal finance blogs that have zero to three posts a day, instead of 10+.

    Perhaps you could split it into multiple blogs, each centered around a slightly different subtopic, and users could subscribe to all of them (as now) or pick and choose?

  59. Josh Wilkins says:

    I think you could cut the pace in half. I love a lot of the posts but just end up flagging them to read later rather then spending time reading them.
    Don’t burn yourself or the topics out.

  60. James says:

    I vote for the 4/2 schedule. I hope you do the productivity blog first, then the blog-blog after. I’m now sold on the value of improving my personal productivity, and I *really* thank you for inspiring me to read Getting Things Done by David Allen. If your productivity is maximized, you can get higher paying jobs and better pursue things that interest you (like generating passive income for instance).

  61. ugene says:

    Do what is best for you and we will get the benefit. Current pace is ok. Thanks for the insights.

  62. moom says:

    Personally, I try not to write more than one post per day, even when I have ideas. But I’m not trying to make money from my blog.

  63. CHERYL says:

    this question is interesting because i’ve been trying to start from the beginning and read all your posts and dude you’ve written a lot! like the guy up above, i find myself picking and choosing just from the sheer volume. do what you feel is best for you though. keeping it real to YOU is whats important. peace out

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