Author: Janet Maragioglio

Taking Charge of your Finances through Financial Literacy

While many of us are working harder to pay down debt, stick to a budget, and boost our savings, a better strategy would be start on the path to financial health earlier – before we got ourselves into a right mess. According to government data, consumer debt in the U.S. totals out at an alarming …

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Credit Card Guide to Your Consumer Rights

You take that credit card out of your wallet…and hesitate. Does using it put you at the mercy of unscrupulous lending practices or hidden fees? Will you become a victim of fraud, ruining your credit rating for years to come? Although credit cards come with concerns, the good news is that there are laws to …

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Tips for Choosing Your Second Credit Card

You’ve had your first credit card for a while now and you’ve been using it responsibly. You’re thinking it’s time to add a second one. This might be a good idea, but whether you should – and which one you should choose – depends on many factors. Taking out a second credit card can help …

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Common Credit Card Fees to Watch For

Before you finalize that credit card application, stop to read the fine print. Remember, credit card companies are businesses first and foremost. No matter how customer-friendly they are, their prime objective is to make a profit. Part of the way they do that is through fees. Does your credit card charge any fees you don’t …

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