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Home Repair: Insurance Advice

This is the second installment of The Simple Dollar writers’ personal stories. Take a look at Karla’s story about naming her baby the beneficiary of her life insurance policy over here. Today, I’m excited to share Randy Woods’ experience with home insurance claims and how much of a Catch-22 they can be. Be sure to …

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Don’t Get Stuck Paying Outrageous Home Replacement Costs

For Free Online Home Insurance Quotes, Visit Our Home Insurance Resource Center. You have your homeowner’s insurance policy and you’ve made all the payments on time, but like a lot of policyholders, let’s say you’ve never had an actual claim. If you had to file tomorrow, are you certain you’d have enough coverage to pay …

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How Aftermarket Parts Affect Your Car Insurance

For More Free Online Car Insurance Quotes, Visit Our Car Insurance Resource Center. Everyone likes to save a few bucks these days – including insurance companies. When making car repairs, there’s a temptation to purchase generic parts, often referred to as “aftermarket” or “performance” parts, rather than the parts made by the original equipment manufacturer …

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How To Lower Home Insurance Costs in a Few Steps

Insurance can be thought of as the expensive but necessary hassle that ensures you aren’t wiped out by an unfortunate series of events. But for those who feel helpless in the face of rising insurance rates, there are some “do-it-yourself” (DIY) actions you can reasonably and safely do around your home in order to reduce …

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Renters Insurance: Why It’s Worth It

Being a renter often means having fewer things to worry about. Got a plumbing issue? Call the landlord to fix it. The refrigerator in your rented house stopped working? Call the owners and have them replace it. But what if your apartment gets burglarized? Or, worse yet, suffers smoke damage in a fire? Some renters …

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The Complete Guide to Home Insurance

Anyone who’s bought a house or has shopped for one knows that homeowners insurance is a fact of life – some might call it a necessary evil; others peace of mind in times of crisis. And while most people are convinced or compelled by banks to purchase insurance on their homes, few people understand exactly …

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