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Massachusetts is a densely populated state. In fact, with more than 6.6 million residents and only 10,555 square feet of land, it ranks third in the nation for population density. This often means busy roadways filled with commuters. To help Massachusetts drivers stay informed about the rules of the road and auto insurance requirements in the state, The Simple Dollar has created this resource for you. It compiles a number of useful facts and figures relevant to your area, which may be particularly helpful as you shop around for car insurance.




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Stats in Your State

On average, Massachusetts drivers pay higher auto insurance premiums than the national average. A number of factors contribute to this, including the cost of living, the number of drivers on the roadways, figures for car accidents, and the required amount of coverage in the state.

Auto Insurance Premiums

In 2008, the average automobile insurance premium per car insured in Massachusetts was $903. This was somewhat higher than the national average of $789 that same year. However, statistics show that auto premium costs have decreased in recent years after reaching a decade high of $1,113 in 2004 and 2005 for Massachusetts drivers.

Traffic Fatalities over time

One factor in the cost of insurance premiums is the number of traffic accidents that occur in your area. Statewide, Massachusetts has actually seen a decline in automobile fatalities in the past few years, with 337 reported in 2011 compared to 477 in 2001.

Auto Repair Costs

Average repair costs in your state will also influence the types of premiums you might expect to see. As of 2011, Massachusetts ranked 34th in the nation in terms of average "check engine" light car repair costs. Including parts and labor, the mean cost in Massachusetts was $322.48, actually coming in under the national average. The year before, rates in Massachusetts were slightly higher than national rates.

Rules in Your State

As a driver, it is important that you stay up-to-date with the basic rules of the road in your area. This includes traffic violations, licensing requirements, DUI/DWI laws, and minimum insurance requirements for Massachusetts residents. Below are some facts and figures we have gathered to help give you an overview of these topics.

Massachusetts Minimum Auto Insurance Requirements

The Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office stipulates that the mandatory coverage for Massachusetts drivers:

  • Bodily Injury to Others: $20,000 per person, $40,000 per accident
  • Personal Injury Protection (PIP): $8,000 per person, per accident
  • Bodily Injury Caused by an Uninsured Auto: $20,000 per person, $40,000 per accident
  • Damage to Someone Else’s Property: $5,000 per accident

If you are pulled over or are involved in an accident, you will need to show proof of insurance including:

  • The name and contact information for your insurance company.
  • The policy number and effective/expiration dates.
  • The name of the insured driver/s.
  • The year, make, model, and vehicle identification number for the car.

The Graduated Driver License in Massachusetts

Learner’s Permit Age:

  • 16 years.
  • You must pass a written exam and vision test.
  • If under the age of 18, your parents must co-sign your application.
  • You may not drive without a supervising driver who is at least 21 and has had their license for more than one year.

Restricted License Age:

  • 16 years, 6 months.
  • Must submit a log of 40 hours of driving experience with a supervising driver over 21 years of age.
  • Cannot drive between the hours of 12:00 a.m. And 5:00 a.m. unless accompanied by a parent or guardian.
  • Cannot drive with passengers under 18 (except immediate family members) unless with a licensed driver over the age of 18. This rule is in effect only for the first 6 months.

Full License (Unrestricted) Age:

  • 18 years.


Administrative license suspension 1st offense? 90 days
Restore driving privileges during suspension? No
Are ignition interlocks mandatory for first offenders for the following offenses? No
Are ignition interlocks mandatory for repeat offenders for the following offenses? no
Fine for first offense? $500 - $5000
Jail sentence for first offense? Up to 30 months, no minimum jail term.

Representatives & Resources in Your State

If you are interested in learning more about state driving laws, licensing requirements, or auto insurance requirements for your state, below are some good resources. In addition, if you feel you need to file a complaint regarding automobile insurance coverage, you can contact the Massachusetts Division of Insurance.

Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles
857-368-8000 (From Massachusetts area codes 339, 617, 781, and 857 or outside of Massachusetts)
800-858-3926 (From all other Massachusetts area codes not listed above)
Online contact form available here.

Massachusetts Division of Insurance
1000 Washington Street Suite 810
Boston, Massachusetts 02118-6200
Get Directions
Phone: 617-521-7794
Fax: 617-753-6830
Consumer Line: 877-563-4467