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Drivers in New Hampshire have enough to worry about between the mountains, snow, and tourists covering the roadways in most seasons, but car insurance shouldn’t be one of them. To keep things easy for readers, The Simple Dollar has compiled a number of resources about car insurance in New Hampshire. Read on to learn more about different types of insurance coverage and rules and statistics in the Granite State.




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Stats in Your State

Getting a handle on the factors that influence your premium can be difficult without the proper information. That’s why we’ve put together several easy to understand graphs with the relevant information about car insurance, traffic fatalities, and car repairs costs in New Hampshire.

Auto Insurance Premiums

Throughout the first decade of the 21st century, New Hampshire auto insurance premiums have remained just below the national average. Between 2000 and 2008, the market fluctuated up from a low of $665 to nearly $800 in 2004-2006, before dropping again to the low $700 range in 2008.

Traffic Fatalities over time

After spiking at 171 traffic fatalities in 2004, the number of fatalities in New Hampshire has steadily declined, along with the rest of the country as safety standards and restrictive driving laws have increased. In 2011, New Hampshire reported just 90 traffic deaths.

Auto Repair Costs

The average cost of car repairs in New Hampshire has in 2010 and 2011 remained well below the national average by roughly $40 per repair. Given that this number reflects a large portion of repairs, $40 below average is a significant savings for New Hampshire residents, but also reflects drivers who don’t fix their vehicles or perform their own repairs.

Rules in Your State

Beyond staying on top of one’s car repairs and insurance costs, it pays to know the rules of the road. Below we’ve listed several useful rules for New Hampshire drivers, including insurance requirements, licensing requirements, and drunk driving laws.

Required Minimum Insurance Limits for New Hampshire Drivers

    Liability insurance coverage with the following limits:

  • $25,000 for bodily injury to another person
  • $50,000 for bodily injuries to two or more other persons in any one accident
  • $25,000 for injury to or destruction of property of others in any one accident
  • Uninsured/Under-insured Motorist and Hit-and-Run coverage:
      Personal Injury Protection required:

      • $25,000 for bodily injury to one person in your vehicle
      • $50,000 for bodily injuries to two or more people in your vehicle in any one accident

Required Proof of Insurance in New Hampshire

  • Name of the insurance company
  • Insurance policy number
  • Effective date and expiration date of the policy
  • Accurate description of year, make, model and vehicle identification number of registered vehicle
  • Name of insured driver

The Graduated Driver License: New Hampshire Licensing Facts for Teen Drivers

New Hampshire government states:

  • Hardship License for Minors? No.
  • Learner’s Permit Age: 15 years, 6 months. No permits are issued by the state, however drivers at least 15 years and 6 months of age can drive under the supervision of an adult over the age of 25.
  • Restricted License Age: 16 years. Before applying for a restricted license, drivers must complete an classroom education course and log 40 hours of supervised driving time. Additionally, drivers under the age of 18 may not drive between the hours of 1:00 am and 5:00 am, and may only have one passenger under the age of 25, unless they are accompanied by an adult over the age of 25.
  • Full License (Unrestricted) Age: 18 years.

Unfair Insurance Trade Practices in New Hampshire: At the above link you’ll find the specific statute and its components that address unfair trade practices. The list of specific unfair acts is shown at the link here: Unfair Acts, Practices, or Methods Defined.


To read more on New Hampshire DUI/DWI laws, please see New Hampshire's Department of Health and Human Services as well as this site for changes to the laws.

Administrative license suspension 1st offense? 9 months to 2 years
Restore driving privileges during suspension? No
Are ignition interlocks mandatory for first offenders for the following offenses? Only for high-BAC offenders
Are ignition interlocks mandatory for repeat offenders for the following offenses? yes
Fine for first offense? Not less than $500
Jail sentence for first offense? No

Representatives & Resources in Your State

Here you’ll find a number of useful links and resources to address all your insurance questions, concerns, and needs. Whether you need assistance in a claim against your insurer or are looking to learn more about different types of car insurance in New Hampshire, use the resources below to get started.

New Hampshire Insurance Department
21 South Fruit Street, Suite 14
Concord, NH 03301
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Contact Information
Consumer Complaint
Property and Casualty Insurance Information
The above link provides a guide to property and casualty claims, which include both homeowners and automobile claims.

New Hampshire Department of Safety: Division of Motor Vehicles
NH Department of Safety
Division of Motor Vehicles
23 Hazen Drive
Concord, NH 03305
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(603) 227-4000
Contact Information
The Division of Motor Vehicles handles driver licensing and vehicle registration, as well as information on driving laws.

New Hampshire Department of Transportation
John O. Morton Building
PO Box 483 | 7 Hazen Drive
Concord, New Hampshire 03302-0483
(603) 271-3734
Contact Information