Rhode Island Car Insurance

Rhode Island boasts one of the best-regulated auto insurance markets in the country. Residents know the importance of a good policy, and the importance of keeping insurance companies in check when it comes to treating consumers well. To help consumers in Rhode Island make an informed decision, The Simple Dollar has put together a number of resources and links to the best that the Ocean State has to offer in terms of auto insurance.




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Stats in Your State

Understanding how the insurance industry works in any state can be confusing, especially without any reference points to follow. To remedy these potential headaches, we’ve compiled several sets of data below to illustrate the factors that affect auto insurance premiums in Rhode Island.

Auto Insurance Premiums

From 2000 to 2008, Rhode Island car insurance rates climbed between 2000 and 2008; while this pattern closely matched nationwide trends, Rhode Island residents paid $120 to $200 more than the average U.S. policyholder.

Traffic Fatalities over time

From a peak of more than 100 traffic deaths in 2003, Rhode Island’s roadway deaths have dropped to less than 70 per year in both 2009 and 2010. This decline is due in no small part to stricter safety standards for auto manufacturers and emphasized public awareness for road safety across the state.

Auto Repair Costs

The average car repair costs in Rhode Island in 2011 were neck-and-neck with the national average. These statistics are somewhat affected by consumers who decide not to seek mechanic services, or those who only partially fix their vehicles.

Rules in Your State

Understanding the rules of the road is crucial to staying safe, keeping your insurance costs low, and maintaining a safe and clear driving record. To help readers keep track of things, we’ve compiled a handy list of rules and regulations that includes teen driving restrictions and drunk driving penalties. Read on to get the full details.

Minimum Required Car Insurance in Rhode Island

The following are minimums are stipulated by the state:

  • $25,000 of bodily injury to another person
  • $50,000 of bodily injuries to all other persons
  • $25,000 of injury to or destruction of property of others in any one accident

Required Proof of Insurance in Rhode Island

  • Name of Insured Driver
  • Name of Insurance Company
  • Insurance Policy Number
  • Effective Date/Expiration Date of Policy
  • Accurate description of year, make/model of registered vehicle

Rhode Island Licensing Facts For Teen Drivers

Rhode Island’s government has established the following graduated driver license path:

Hardship License for Minors? No.

Learner’s Permit Age: 16 years. New drivers must have 50 hours of practice and must hold their permit for 6 months.

Restricted License Age: 16 years, 6 months. Drivers may not drive between 1 and 3 a.m., and may not have more than one passenger under the age of 21 until they turn age 18.

Full License (Unrestricted) Age: 17 years, 6 months.

More Rules

Unfair Claims Settlement Practices Defined

Fortunately for Rhode Island residents, the state legislature has defined specific unfair claims practices that apply across the industry. The links above include full legislation, as well as the specific lists of prohibited actions. If you feel your rights have been compromised, definitely consult with an attorney.


Administrative license suspension 1st offense? BAC .08 to .099: Up to 45 Days, BAC .10 and higher: 3 to 18 months
Restore driving privileges during suspension? BAC .08 to .099: No, BAC .10 and higher: 12 months
Are ignition interlocks mandatory for first offenders for the following offenses? No
Are ignition interlocks mandatory for repeat offenders for the following offenses? yes
Fine for first offense? BAC .08 to .15: $100 to $400, BAC .151 and higher: $500
Jail sentence for first offense? BAC .08 to .099: No, BAC .10 and higher: 10-60 hours community service and/or up to 1 yr. Prison

Representatives & Resources in Your State

Below readers will find the essential resources that will help guide them towards a fuller understanding of the auto insurance industry, as well as road safety and driver services. Contact the Insurance Division for consumer advocacy assistance and for guides to learn more about insurance in general.

Rhode Island Department of Business Regulation: Insurance Division
1511 Pontiac Avenue
Cranston, RI 02920
(401) 462-9500
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Consumer Complaints
Consumer Information and Resources
The Insurance Division has published numerous consumer guides and information for consumers to learn more and take advantage of the state’s resources to make the most of their insurance coverage.
Auto Insurance Consumer Guide
The auto insurance guide at the above link covers the most pressing car insurance questions and more information to help consumers better understand their coverage options in Rhode Island.

Rhode Island Department of Motor Vehicles
600 New London Avenue
Cranston, RI 02920-3024
(401) 462-4368
Get Directions
Contact Information
Get in touch with the DMV for driver and vehicle services, as well as licensing information and learner’s permits for teen drivers.

Rhode Island Department of Transportation
The Department of Transportation has plenty of information about road safety and traffic updates across the state.
Contact Information