14 Ways to Save Money on Your Commuting Fuel Costs Without Giving Up Your Car

Whenever I see advice on saving money on commuting fuel costs, the suggestions often revolve around completely giving up your car. I’m as guilty of


Car Insurance: Value Beyond Merely “Insuring” You

There’s already a ton of great information from Jeff in The Simple Dollar’s guide about shopping around for auto insurance – how to choose it


Six Reasons Why I Don’t Want a Luxury Car – Ever

A while back, I read a “wonderful” article over at Forbes entitled “Ten Reasons to Buy a Luxury Car.” Such important factors as “prestige” and


Is Renting a Car Cheaper for a Long Road Trip?

Monica wrote in with a question that I thought deserved a detailed answer. I’m going to be driving from northern Minnesota to Dallas, Texas for


Some Thoughts on Higher Gas Prices

I’m lucky. I don’t commute to work, unless you consider a stroll across the house to be a commute. I don’t put daily miles on


Saving Pennies or Dollars? Going Below Speed Limit

Saving Pennies or Dollars is a new semi-regular series on The Simple Dollar, inspired by a great discussion on The Simple Dollar’s Facebook page concerning


Car Finance: The Math on Why You Should Pay Cash for Your Next Car

Quite often, I get emails from readers asking about car finance. What is the “best” way to purchase a particular car that they want? They


Minimizing the Cost of Holiday Car Travel

Like a lot of people this week, our family is traveling by car to a number of Thanksgiving dinners. As I taught the children to


Is It Really Cheaper to Ride the Bus?

Aaron writes in: I love your cost breakdowns when you calculate the real truth behind some financial choice. I’ve got one for you. Is it


Our New Car

Meet our new automobile, a 2004 Honda Pilot, which we purchased as a replacement for our ailing, rusty 1997 Ford F-150 pickup: We purchased it


Optimizing the Value of Your Commute

Kelly writes in: For the first time in my life, I have a daily commute to work. I drive about 45 minutes each way to


Starting a Carpool

Jenny writes in: I work at an office park about forty five minutes from where I live. I live in a highly populated suburban neighborhood.


Trimming the Average Budget: Gasoline and Motor Oil

Transportation – gasoline, motor oil – $2,384/year The average American family drops $200 a month on gasoline and motor oil – and that’s at early


Trimming the Average Budget: Other Transportation Expenses

Transportation – other expenses and transportation – $3,130/year This unlclearly-defined category includes vehicle finance charges, maintenance and repairs, vehicle insurance, public transportation, vehicle rental, licenses,


Trimming the Average Budget: Buying a Car

Transportation – vehicle purchases – $3,244/year The average American family spends almost $300 per month simply on car payments. What’s stunning is that this is


How Much Is Fuel Efficiency Really Worth?

Jim writes in with an interesting question: I’m in the market for a late model used car. I’ve narrowed my desired model down to a

Car stuck in a ditch in the snow

15 Things to Have in Your Car This Winter

As Christmas approaches, my wife and I will be doing quite a bit of driving to visit various people for the holiday season. With winter


What Are You Buying When You Buy a Car?

Over the last few months, I’ve been slowly shopping for a minivan to replace my truck. Since the truck will not seat three young children

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