bicycling on street

Walking, Bicycling, Driving, and Cost-Effectiveness

Recently, it was announced that a grocery store is opening within two miles of my home. This is actually pretty good news for me as,

couple negotiating sale on a new car

How Big Should My Down Payment on a Car Be?

Reader Jimmie wrote in with a good question about the ideal down payment on a car: I’m going to buy a new car in several

young man looking at new car

Why You Shouldn’t Lease a Car (and Other Similar Money Moves)

More than once on this site, I’ve argued on behalf of renting instead of buying a home. Renting comes with a number of financial advantages,

Car pulled over, policeman giving a ticket

How Much Will That Ticket Cost You?

Before we pass our road test and receive a freshly minted driver’s license, we learn one of the most important facts about driving: Being charged

snowplow in street

Is Buying a Snowplow a Good Investment?

Have you ever had one of those winters? Here in Boston, it feels like it’s been snowing for days. We got 22 inches earlier this week,

driving a car

Why You Probably Don’t Need Rental-Car Insurance

Your bags are packed, you’ve found a sitter for the dog, and you’ve suspended your newspaper subscription for a few days. That can only mean one

Driving fast

Insuring the Sharing Economy

Any doubt about the depth of wisdom of a mother’s time-honored aphorism to “share and share alike” has been laid to rest by the meteoric

Eyeglasses in store

What a Deal: Groupon for Essentials

It’s easy to dismiss Groupon as a service aimed at getting you to waste your hard-earned cash on frivolous splurges and bargains of questionable value. After all, some


How to Make Money Driving for Uber

Thanks to the modern marvel of the Internet, a slew of disruptive technologies have completely reshaped entire industries over the last decade. Think about how Amazon.com reinvented shopping

rear-end collision

Steering Clear of Car Insurance Scams

You are probably already a victim of insurance fraud, whether you realize it or not: The average family pays between $400 and $700 a year in


Eight Strategies for Fuel Efficient Driving

A few weeks ago, I found myself following a strangely erratic driver while rolling along on US-163 here in Iowa. This driver was doing several

Teen driver

The Rise of Black Box Car Insurance

Car insurance companies have always looked for ways to maximize profits by minimizing their risk. Insurance companies make money by taking in more in premiums


How to Switch to Paying Cash for Your Car

In 2003, I purchased a 1997 Ford F-150 pickup. Given the financial disaster that my life was at the tiem, I “paid” for it entirely


Are Ethanol Fuels a Bargain?

Ethanol Added and Premium Fuels Are a Questionable Bargain Over the last year, I’ve been keeping careful track of the fuel efficiency of my 2004


Should I Lease or Buy a Car? 3 Situations Where Leasing Makes Sense

In general, I’m pretty strongly opposed to the idea of leasing a car. In most situations, a car lease is a long-term financial mistake. Compared


Road Trip Tips: Keys to a Cheap Summer Adventure

This summer, my family is going on a very long road trip to multiple national parks, a stop at Disneyworld, visits with relatives, and many


The Problem with “Driving It Into the Ground”

I subscribe to the philosophy of driving a car into the ground before you replace it. I’m thirty five years old and over the course


Looking Ahead at Automotive Decisions

Every once in a while, it’s useful to look at the state of the automobiles that your family owns and ask some hard questions about

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