Planning Ahead For Our Next Car Purchases

With my previous car purchases, I did very little planning ahead. My first car was discovered in a semi-functioning state in the yard of an


Starting The Thought Process Behind Buying A New Vehicle

As the months pass, it looks more and more likely that we’ll need to buy a new vehicle sometime between now and next summer. My


When Should You Trade In Your Car? Don’t Listen To What Others Say – Run The Numbers Yourself

A reader writes in describing a debate she’s having with her husband: I’m not sure but someplace on your site I think I saw something


The One Hour Project: Basic Car Maintenance

A few very simple auto maintenance tasks that anyone can do can end up saving a lot of money over time by improving the gas


7 Tips on How To Save Money on Car Insurance

My wife and I switched our auto insurance coverage recently and paid our full annual premium up front. It was a painful little payment, even


A Down Payment Dilemma: Buy A Car Or Keep Saving For A House?

Jerry wrote in recently with the following problem: I and my wife are both graduate students; we recently paid off all our debts and started


Seven Ways To Save Money Preparing For Houseguests

For most of this week, a small invasion of my extended family is staying at our new house. This, of course, means that there’s a


Buying A Car: How Much Down Payment Is Useful?

A reader wrote to me recently asking the simple question “How much of a down payment should you put on a new vehicle?” The thumbnail


Traveling To Family Events: Ten Tips For Saving Money

This weekend, my wife and I are traveling to see her younger sister graduate from college and also attend a small family reunion. We’ll have


Ethanol Blends: Are They Worth It In Your Tank?

In Iowa, E10 gasoline (fuel composed of 10% ethanol and 90% gasoline and safe to use in normal engines) is typically $0.10 per gallon cheaper


How Going Green Saves A Ton Of Money

I admit to being an environmentalist, and a pretty “far out” one, too – I was raised with a Mother Earth News / Organic Gardening


The Economics of Speeding, or How I Got A Ticket This Morning

This morning, on my way to drop my son off at daycare, I was pulled over for speeding (61 in a 55) on an empty


25 Things You Should Always Have In Your Car

Having grown up rural and now living rural, I know first hand the types of experiences people can have when they’re caught out in the


The Long Trip: Five Ways To Save Money On A Multi-State Road Trip

A few months ago, I wrote about four techniques for saving money on road trips: performing maintenance before you leave, minimize your distance, pack snacks


Transition From Car Loans To Paying Cash For a Car

Continuing the conversation with my readers on the auto insurance issue, in which I recommend switching to liability insurance once your car’s value gets low,


Should I Switch to Liability Car Insurance?

Yesterday, I posted a nice story about an individual who saved a great deal of money by reading his auto insurance policy. I posted the


Five Minute Finances #7: Air Up Your Tires

Five Minute Finances is a series of tips on how you can save significant money or reorganize your financial life in just five minutes. These

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