Building a Better Blog: Leverage the Past

Once you’ve reached a point where you have a healthy number of posts, you’ll find that even your best, most original ideas overlap with ideas


Building a Better Blog: Guide Your Users

I like to write long posts. I’ve discovered that length doesn’t matter, so I write and write to my heart’s content until I feel like


Building a Better Blog: Be Lucky

Every once in a while, you’ll write a post that is a surefire winner, but quite often, our most popular posts come as a relative


Building a Better Blog: Don’t Give Up

At some point, we all get disheartened with blogging. Maybe we feel out of touch with the readers, or maybe it’s simply a matter of


Building a Better Blog: Money Doesn’t Matter

This seems like a contradiction, doesn’t it? On a series on professional blogging on a personal finance site, I’m writing that money doesn’t matter? What


Building a Better Blog: The Content Comes First

When you have a static page, it’s fine to have plenty of ads on it. People visit static pages because there’s some piece of information


Building a Better Blog: Inspire Yourself

Although I’ve already covered how to overcome “blogger’s block” and how to reach other communities, these topics really don’t cover what one needs for true


Building a Better Blog: Respond to Comments

I receive dozens of comments each day at The Simple Dollar, both on the site and by direct email. There are times when I’d much


Building a Better Blog: Length Doesn’t Matter

So many blog development gurus give vastly different pieces of advice about how long blog posts should be. Some tell you to keep it nice


Building a Better Blog: Be Yourself

Look at the top blogs on Technorati and ask yourself how many of them are merely link aggregators or merely report dry fact; the answer


Building a Better Blog: Reach Out

When you visit a site on a certain topic, you usually know what to expect. When I visit dooce, I expect to read about parenting,


Building a Better Blog: Keep Something In Reserve

Quite often, I’ll find myself having more ideas than I know what to do with. I’ll come up with twenty five post ideas in a


Building a Better Blog: Don’t Be Insular

Quite often, bloggers sit around crafting posts without considering the wider community around them. We write and write and write, but we get into a


What Happens When The Simple Dollar Meets Digg/Lifehacker/etc.: A Special Report

Last Friday, The Simple Dollar was lucky enough to have a post receive a front page posting on digg, an extremely popular tech link aggregation


Building a Better Blog: Don’t Leave Them Hanging

We all get burnt out sometimes and want to take a break from our projects, no matter how much fun they are. As much as


Building a Better Blog: Define Your Own Success

Many people are thoroughly disappointed when, after a couple weeks of blogging, the great unwashed masses of internet users haven’t beat a path to their


Building a Better Blog: Addressing Your Readers

Before you even start to write, you need to think carefully about who you’re writing for. If you don’t know exactly who you’re writing for,


Building a Better Blog: Love What You Write

It’s an oft-repeated statement, but it’s true: your blog will only succeed if you really love what you’re writing about. Without that passion for the