Building a Better Blog: Essential Reading

The most important lesson about blogging – in fact, the most important lesson about life – is that you’ve never learned all there is to


Building a Better Blog

Would you like this entire series in a convenient downloadable PDF? Check it out! The Simple Dollar is running a special series on building a


Curing Writer’s Block – And Other Mental Blocks

GolbGuru over at Money, Matter, and More Musings recently asked me how I’m able to consistently post so much material on a daily basis and


PayPerPost, Paris Hilton, and Violating the Trust Between You and Me

Recently, I’ve seen several personal finance blogs jump on the pay per post bandwagon. Also recently, I’ve found myself deleting several blogs from my daily


Building A Better Blog: An Addendum

Recently, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of enjoying two exceptional resources for building a successful blog. Pro Blogger’s 31 Days to Building a Better Blog


How To Buy Cool & Cheap Christmas Gifts and Save Money

Now that the Christmas shopping season is upon us, many of us are wondering what on earth we should get for people in our family.


The Simple Dollar Giveaway #1

Last week, The Simple Dollar reviewed The Millionaire Next Door in detail. This week, The Simple Dollar is giving away the book to one lucky


Seven Ways To Help Your Blogging Friends

Blogging, particularly among a group of bloggers on a specific topic, is a community. We all have the same interests and passions and we find