Five Ways To Improve Your Career On The Commute (Without Your Cell Phone)

For many people, the morning and evening commute is time spent stuck in traffic, listening to the radio, or calling their sister-in-law on the cell phone. The truth is that the commute is a great time to actually improve your career. How? Here are five things you can do on the way to or from …

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Passion and Personal Finance

A few weeks ago, I listened to the audiobook of Winning by Jack Welch (read my earlier thoughts on Winning). For those unaware, Winning is a book on management practices and career development by Jack Welch, the CEO of General Electric during their big growth years in the 1980s and 1990s. In the book, Welch …

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When Your Friends Don’t Care About Personal Finance – And You Do

For a short while, I hung out with a crowd of people who spent money at a level that I could scarcely comprehend. They would go out every night after work and drop a lot of cash, they would all dress exquisitely, and someone had a neat new gadget or item to show off seemingly …

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17 Essential Tips For Getting That Dream Job

You’ve just walked out the door at college and now you’re seeking a great job, one that will build the foundations of a long-term career. Or, you’re looking to move on to new challenges in life and are looking for a position that fulfills you. No matter what the reason, hunting for a job can …

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Want To Maximize Your Career? Here Are The Ten People You Need To Know At Work

When you walk into a new job for the first time, it’s often not clear what the culture of the organization is or what exactly you will truly be doing in your job. It might also be very unclear what exactly is expected of you, and also what your opportunities are for advancement. Naturally, it’s …

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Seven Reasons To Quit Your Job … And Seven Things To Do To Prepare For The Switch

Recently, I stumbled across a fantastic article entitled 7 Reasons To Quit Your Job, which outlines some great reasons to take the plunge, quit your job, and find out what you’re capable of. Here’s a general outline of the list, but I highly recommend reading the full article as these tips are outlined in much …

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Review: What Color Is Your Parachute?

What Color Is Your Parachute?: Buy or Don’t Buy?

What Color Is Your Parachute?: Resuming The Search To Find Your Dream

What Color Is Your Parachute?: When The Unexpected Happens – How To Deal With Change

The Truth About Individual Business Cards

Not long ago, I had 1,500 business cards printed up with the logo of The Simple Dollar on it, a ten word description of the site, my name, my email address, and in large letters along the bottom, (spanning the whole card). When these arrived in the mail, my wife rolled her eyes at …

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What Color Is Your Parachute?: The Things School Never Taught Us About The Job-Hunt

What Color Is Your Parachute?: Overview

The Value of Etiquette

Recently, I wrote an article about little things that immigrants to America might be surprised to know about money, consumerism, and human relations in the United States. It kicked up some interesting controversy in the comments, in which some immigrants basically stated that I shouldn’t be offering advice to them because I don’t understand their …

What You Can Do Right Now To Help Your Career

Most career advice you receive focuses on the big picture: how to get ahead, how to “win,” and such things that are on a much larger scale than the daily grind that most of us face. In fact, it is that day to day grind that pulls down many of us – we go to …

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The Art of the Thank You Note

One art form that seems to have fallen by the wayside for many people is that of the handwritten thank-you note. A thank-you note is an elegant and inexpensive way to show appreciation to someone who has assisted you in some fashion and also is a stellar way to improve a potential business contact. What …

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Why Career Planning May Be Time Wasted – And Personal Finance Planning Isn’t

I recently read a provocative article on PsyBlog entitled Why Career Planning Is Time Wasted, which focuses on a concept called “miswanting”: The idea of making mistakes about what we might want in the future has been termed ‘miswanting’ by Gilbert and Wilson (2000). They point to a range of studies finding we are poor …

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