Finding a Great Mentor in College

When I first went to college, I was lost. I had grown up in a tiny town where virtually everyone around me had started factory


14 Tactics for Getting Ahead At Work – No Matter What Your Job Is

In every place I’ve worked, I’ve noticed a handful of patterns. Some people seem to fit in well, do their work, and usually get the

Review: The One-Life Solution

Every other Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal productivity, personal development, or entrepreneurship book. A few weeks ago, I went out to breakfast with


My Worst Job – And What It Taught Me

When I was nineteen, one of my college professors wanted me to stick around campus for the summer to help him with a large project.

Review: Results Without Authority

Every other Sunday, The Simple Dollar reviews a personal development, personal productivity, or career/entrepreneurship book. One of the biggest struggles I had at my previous


Going Back to School and Still Working

Julie writes in: I have decided to apply to a library science master’s program. I can afford it without taking out a loan, it will


Making the Hard Choice

A few days ago, Seth Godin (my single favorite blogger by far) wrote the following: Think about how often your goal at a conference or


When Your Finances Improve, Is Frugality Necessary?

When I first started writing The Simple Dollar, I was working at a very stable 9-to-5 job that paid quite well. My wife and I


New Year’s Resolution Workshop #5: Launch My Dream Career

Between Christmas and New Year’s, we’re taking a look at five common New Year’s resolutions that people often adopt for their finances, evaluate some of


On Giving Up the Dream

Matt sends me this heartbreaking email (I trimmed it down to the important pieces): Like you, I’ve always dreamed of being a writer. I also


The Two-Career Assumption

One of the biggest assumptions I see in married couples my age is that both partners must be pursuing a career. In almost every married


Synergizing Hobbies and Career to Succeed

Since reading Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell (and reviewing it), the concept of what makes an individual exceptionally successful in a particular area has been heavy


Ten Fundamental Steps for Online Career Networking

Jerome writes in with a common question: I constantly read articles about how important it is to network online to help advance my career, but


Building Work Relationships: When Networking Doesn’t Work

“Caleb” wrote in recently with a concern about building connections with people in the workplace: One thing that comes in your blog from time to


Minimizing the Impact of Job Loss

Over the last week, several people have written to me in a panic, asking what they should do if they think they’re about to be


How to Find and Utilize a Mentor

Almost a year ago, in an article entitled Building a Foundation: Ten Things To Do First If You’re Looking At Starting Your Own Business, I


Looking at Your Career as an Investment

Last night, I was leafing through the September 22 issue of BusinessWeek (one of the handful of magazines I subscribe to – a great read)


Managing the Natural Ups and Downs of Your Workweek

Ever since my college days, my typical week has followed the same general pattern. On Mondays, I simply have a hard time coming up with

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