Best Hotel Credit Cards for 2017

Today’s best hotel cards provide much more than the occasional free room. They can also help leisure and business travelers starting saving money before they

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There Are Some Debts Even Bankruptcy Can’t Erase

Do severe financial issues have you fantasizing about a silver bullet that can make all your debts vanish? While it’s not exactly that easy, a

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Strange Reasons Your Credit Score Could Change

Credit scores aren’t static. They don’t rise and fall like temperature. No, credit scores are simply a snapshot evaluation of your credit report information at

Best Secured Credit Cards in 2017

Whether you’re dealing with no credit or a poor credit history, there are tools available to help you establish, repair, or rebuild credit. One such

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Best Credit Cards of 2017

Finding the right credit card is about much more than a low APR. There are all sorts of options to choose from — from rewards,

The Best Credit Cards for Bad Credit

When your credit is limited, it may seem like your options for credit cards are limited as well. You may even consider not using a

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Best Cash Back Credit Cards for 2017

If you prefer the idea of cold hard cash to redeeming points toward travel, cash back cards are for you. With this type of card,

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Best Credit Cards for College Students in 2017

College is the place where students learn some of life’s most valuable lessons. This is especially true when it comes to managing one’s own finances

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Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards for 2017

When it comes to paying off credit cards, minimum monthly payments sound nice on paper. Who doesn’t like charging $1,000 on a purchase but only

Best International Credit Cards With No Foreign Transaction Fee

When it comes to international travel, think of foreign transaction fees as the financial equivalent of the fanny pack: not essential to your trip, no

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Here’s How We Took a $20,000 European Vacation for $3,500 This Summer

More than a year ago, I started dreaming up a plan to take my family on one of our longest trips yet – a nearly three-week

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Does Taking on More Debt Boost Your Credit Score?

It’s well known that earning and maintaining good credit is to your benefit. Perhaps because our credit scores have such a big impact on our lives, credit

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8 Expert Travel Hacking Tips for 2017

“Travel hacking” is when you work within the rules of airlines, hotels, and travel credit cards to earn rewards such as points and miles to

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Three Credit-Boosting Ways to Tackle Credit Card Debt

Does the idea of taking 20 or more years to pay off $10,000 worth of credit card debt sound appealing? Does the thought of paying

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The College Student’s Guide to Getting Out of Credit Card Debt (2017)

Credit cards can be powerful tools for college students. By using the right credit card responsibly, students can graduate with zero debt and a great

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How to Keep Your Small Business Afloat When Cash Runs Low

You could face any number of challenges as you nurture your small business, and struggling to come up with the perfectly punny name doesn’t even

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The High-Risk, High-Reward World of Credit Card Churning

For the first 26 years of my life, I had exactly one credit card. I figured that was all I needed. As long as I

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When Using Other Loans to Pay Off Student Debt Is a Good Idea

Most college students barely stop to think about the impact student loan debt may have on them in their future. After all, they’re looking for