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Eight Hidden Benefits of Credit Cards

In 2013, Lance Cothern and his fiancé, Victoria, purchased a $250 wedding dress from a retailer based in China. Unfortunately, while the dress arrived intact,

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Will I Still Earn Rewards Points If I Pay Off My Card Early?

Chances are, you’ve heard and believed at least one “credit card myth” before. For example, people love to talk about the fact that pursuing credit

Credit cards

The State of American Credit Card Debt in 2015

Americans continue to dig a deeper hole when it comes to credit card debt. According to the Federal Reserve and other government statistics, our penchant

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Eight Tips to Make Credit Cards Work for You, Not Against You

A credit card can be a valuable tool if you know how to use it properly. Likewise, using credit cards irresponsibly can lead to a

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How to Create a Budget With a Credit Card

In the world of personal finance, it’s not very often that you hear “credit card” and “budget” used in the same sentence. Still, I have

Protecting Against Credit Card Fraud

With credit cards quickly becoming the most popular form of payment around the globe, it’s no wonder that credit card fraud is on the rise.

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Looking for Travel Insurance? Check Your Wallet First

Just last winter, my husband and I took a much-anticipated vacation to Jamaica with some friends. Not only was it a nice way to break

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Guide to the Gift Card Economy

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, gift cards continue to be one of the most popular presents to give and receive. According to a study by

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10 Strategies for Beating a Spending Addiction

Most of us enjoy occasional splurges where we buy new things for ourselves – that’s normal. However, for some people, that rush grows into an

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Five Simple Steps to Improve Your Credit

A good credit score and solid credit history are the cornerstone of any lucrative credit card rewards strategy. So if you’re lacking in that department,

Back in Debt? A Strategy to Pay It Off for Good

Debt is one of those things that’s very easy to get into and much more difficult to get out of. I spent 14 months getting out of

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Honey, I Wrecked Your Credit

My husband and I were both in our mid-30s when we married. He was a couple of years into a psychiatric practice, and I had

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Five Credit Card Reward Myths

Almost everyone wishes they could get something for free, but few people know that the pursuit of “free stuff” is commonplace among those who take advantage

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How to Handle Post-Holiday Debt

For most of us, the holiday season is a few weeks into the past. We have some happy memories, but the joy of the holidays

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The Hidden World of Credit Cards

Chances are you’re among the 71% of Americans who carry one or more of the 1.5 billion credit cards in the U.S. While survey results vary,

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Can You Get a Chip-and-PIN Credit Card Now?

2014 seemed to be the year of big data breaches in the United States. Hacks at four major retailers — Home Depot, Michaels Stores, Neiman Marcus, and

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Why You Probably Don’t Need Rental-Car Insurance

Your bags are packed, you’ve found a sitter for the dog, and you’ve suspended your newspaper subscription for a few days. That can only mean one

Credit cards in wallet

10 Steps to Rid Yourself of Credit Card Debt Forever

No one likes being in credit card debt. It’s one of the easiest payment methods for overspending, and yet is the most difficult to pay off

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