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Honey, I Wrecked Your Credit

My husband and I were both in our mid-30s when we married. He was a couple of years into a psychiatric practice, and I had

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Five Credit Card Reward Myths

Almost everyone wishes they could get something for free, but few people know that the pursuit of “free stuff” is commonplace among those who take advantage

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How to Handle Post-Holiday Debt

For most of us, the holiday season is a few weeks into the past. We have some happy memories, but the joy of the holidays

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The Hidden World of Credit Cards

Chances are you’re among the 71% of Americans who carry one or more of the 1.5 billion credit cards in the U.S. While survey results vary,

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Can You Get a Chip-and-PIN Credit Card Now?

2014 seemed to be the year of big data breaches in the United States. Hacks at four major retailers — Home Depot, Michaels Stores, Neiman Marcus, and

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Why You Probably Don’t Need Rental-Car Insurance

Your bags are packed, you’ve found a sitter for the dog, and you’ve suspended your newspaper subscription for a few days. That can only mean one

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10 Steps to Rid Yourself of Credit Card Debt Forever

No one likes being in credit card debt. It’s one of the easiest payment methods for overspending, and yet is the most difficult to pay off

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Easy Ways to Fulfill a Credit Card Sign-Up Bonus

Most credit card rewards deals ask you to spend a specific amount of money on your card within a clearly defined time frame. If you complete

What Is a Credit Card Sign-Up Bonus?

Unless you’ve opted out of junk mail or targeted offers altogether, you’ve probably gotten at least a handful of credit card bonus offers in the

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The Unregulated World of Identity Theft ‘Insurance’

It’s all over the news: celebrity photo hacking scandals, digital security breaches at major retailers, and banks that have misplaced unencrypted backups of confidential customer

Credit Card Interest Typically Compounds Daily – Here’s How to Take Advantage of That

A few weeks ago, I posted an article on the idea of interest that accrues daily. Here’s a brief explanation; check out the full post

Can “Churning” Credit Cards Really Work?

There are a lot of credit card offers out there that reward you for signing up by giving you a bunch of frequent flyer miles,

Six Tactics for Handling Piles of Credit Card Debt

This article first appeared at U.S. News and World Report Money. A lot of American families have a lot of credit card debt. The average

How to Fix Your Credit Properly

Sometimes, it seems like you can scarcely turn on your television or radio or web browser without seeing someone offering you a great solution to

Personal Finance Advice For Store Credit Cards

You can barely visit a chain store these days without being offered a credit card associated with that store. From Wal-Mart and Best Buy to

Credit Cards and Annual Fees

As I’ve mentioned before on The Simple Dollar, I’m a believer in the healthy use of credit cards. As long as you keep your balance

Reader Tip Tuesday #4

A little late, but a good one! Here’s this week’s Reader Tip Tuesday. Once you’ve gotten into dangerous waters with a credit card, it’s tempting


Credit Counseling Guide to Debt Management

You may feel like giving up. Suffocating under a mountain of debt can make you feel helpless. Perhaps you’ve even been considering bankruptcy.  The jury

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