How To Raise Your Credit Score

It may seem difficult, but let’s face it: raising your credit score is easier than lowering your cholesterol. We’re talking about money here, not fried


The Future of Banking and Credit Cards

If you’re a fan of plastic payments, it may be difficult to imagine a world without credit cards. It’s no wonder they are such an

How to Travel for Free: The Ultimate Guide to Air Miles Rewards

There’s just no better feeling than slipping into that airline seat, heading out on a wonderful vacation and knowing all the while that you’re flying

What to Do if Your Credit Limit Gets Cut

If you just received notice that your credit limit has been slashed on one of your credit cards, don’t panic. You’re not alone. And it’s

How to Lower Your Credit Card Interest Rate

It’s okay. You can admit that you were sucked in by that 0% introductory interest rate. It happens to the best of us. But what

What You Need to Know About Your Credit Score

By now, it’s clear that our modern lives are being monitored. What we do, say and buy, and where we live – it’s all out

How to Dispute a Charge on your Credit Card Bill

It’s often hard to believe your credit card bill actually reflects the amount of money you’ve spent. “How did I spend so much?” you ask

Taking Charge of your Finances through Financial Literacy

While many of us are working harder to pay down debt, stick to a budget, and boost our savings, a better strategy would be start

Credit Card Guide to Your Consumer Rights

You take that credit card out of your wallet…and hesitate. Does using it put you at the mercy of unscrupulous lending practices or hidden fees?

Compulsive Shopping and Credit Card Addiction

Let’s cut to the chase: compulsive shopping and credit card addiction are genuine problems, and they’re more common than you may think. If you suspect

How Do Credit Cards Really Work: Debunking the Myths

Credit cards account for 20% of grievances (second only to mortgages) filed with The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, the federal agency committed to consumer financial

Common Credit Card Fees to Watch For

Before you finalize that credit card application, stop to read the fine print. Remember, credit card companies are businesses first and foremost. No matter how

Examining Two Credit Card Repayment Strategies

Kim writes in: My dad told me that the best way to pay off a credit card is to pay it all off at once

A Seven Year Old Learns About Credit Cards

Here’s some food for thought for those of you out there raising children and hoping to teach them good lessons about money. I was at

Tips To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

A few days ago, one of my close friends shared a harrowing story with me regarding identity theft. The person had their checking account compromised

Good Credit Card Basics

I am frequently asked what my views are on credit cards and their usage. Do I need to have a credit card? Is it okay

Some Thoughts on Rewards Cards

Almost every day, I’ll get an email or two from a reader wanting me to evaluate a particular credit card with a rewards program associated

Why Was My Credit Limit Lowered?

Jennifer writes in: Yesterday, I received a notice from [my credit card company] that my credit limit had been lowered from $10,000 to $4,000 on

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