Interest Rates Don’t Matter If You Don’t Carry a Balance: Some Thought on the Cash-Only Debate

Earlier today, I read with interest the comments on this Get Rich Slowly article about Suze Orman and the “cash only” movement. In a nutshell,

Should I Cancel a Credit Card That is Paid-Off?

You’ve finally paid off that credit card. It’s sitting there with no balance on it and you regret ever owning it. It’s got a high

Personal Finance 101: Why Do I Need Credit At All?

Samantha writes in: I don’t understand why I need credit at all. Credit just gets you into debt and you wind up paying interest to

Credit Cardholders’ Bill of Rights Act of 2009

On Tuesday, the Senate passed the Credit Cardholders’ Bill of Rights Act of 2009, an act that will quickly be passed into law with the

The Facts About Credit Cards For Teenagers

A reader recently pointed me towards an interesting article at MSN MoneyCentral on the topic of restricting the access that teenagers have to credit cards.

How I Use Credit Cards … And Why

Sasha writes in with a typical question: A lot of different personal finance bloggers have different ways that they use credit cards. Some of them

How To Lower Your Credit Card Interest Rates

When I was near my financial low point, I was literally paying hundreds a month in finance charges on my credit cards and needed to

The Big Debate #3: Credit Cards or Debit Cards?

This week, The Simple Dollar is taking a deeper look at five common personal finance debates. Several people I know have made the active choice

Got Credit Card Debt?

Jon writes in: I have a bunch of credit card debt spread across several different cards and I’m having a hard time getting started paying

A Portfolio of Credit Cards for Specific Purchases?

Jenelle wrote in recently and described her way of using credit cards: Unlike your advice to minimize your credit cards, I actually have eight open

The Credit Card Debt Holy Wars

One of the most frequent negative comments I get on The Simple Dollar relates to credit card usage. I often advocate using credit cards for

Should You Cancel Your Unused Credit Cards or Not?

On a fairly regular basis, I suggest to my readers that they cancel unused credit cards except for their oldest one. In fact, I often

Considering Cancelling Credit Cards? Read Our Tips.

I often get notes from people who have a small mountain of credit cards. They’re trying to figure out which ones they should keep and

The One Hour Project: Reduce The Interest Rate On Your Credit Cards

This is something that’s well worth doing if you have consistently carried a credit card balance in the past and have never requested a rate

7 Credit Card Companies Nifty Tactics

I am constantly amazed at the creativity of companies that offer credit cards. They use a wide diversity of tactics to appeal to people and

The Real Scoop On Rewards Credit Cards

Tammy wrote in with the following story and question: I recently got an offer in the mail from Sallie Mae, whom I currently have huge

Building Credit Discussion: Cancel Cards Or Not?

In response to my two recent posts on building credit (getting credit without a credit card and building up credit), Konstantin writes in and says:

Personal Finance 101: Getting Credit Without A Credit Card

Tips and Alternative Solutions to Building Credit Mark writes in and asks: I’m 18, and recently applied for a credit card at Citibank. They rejected

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