Good Debt vs. Bad Debt

One of the most common ideas that personal finance writers bring up is the distinction between “good debt” and “bad debt.” There are several fairly

That First Taste of Financial Success

About a month after I hit bottom in terms of my debt, I sent in a large payment on one of my credit cards, a

Debt Freedom: A Personal Finance Startegy

I hear from a lot of readers who avidly follow Dave Ramsey. Many of them have taken his Financial Peace course, some got on board

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This week, The Simple Dollar is taking a deeper look at five common personal finance debates. Once a day or so, I’ll get a long

Looking at Debt Repayment as an Investment

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The Single Biggest Money Mistake I’ve Ever Made

The single biggest money mistake I’ve ever made was the day I decided that my future self would pay for stuff that I wanted (not

Debt Snowball Into Savings Or Pay Off Debt?

The idea of debt snowballing is a popular one: it pushes you to get rid of your debts and get on a financially stable playing

Got Credit Card Debt?

Jon writes in: I have a bunch of credit card debt spread across several different cards and I’m having a hard time getting started paying

12 Tactics On How To Get Rid Of Debt

Almost every day, someone writes to me with intimate details about their debt situation. Some of them are pretty mild and can easily be taken

A Portfolio of Credit Cards for Specific Purchases?

Jenelle wrote in recently and described her way of using credit cards: Unlike your advice to minimize your credit cards, I actually have eight open

You Can Do This

About two years ago, I had almost $17,000 in credit card debt. That added up to about a third of my salary at the time,

Pay Ahead on Your Mortgage or Investing?

Recently, I mentioned that I encouraged people to invest instead of paying ahead on their mortgage. It left me thinking quite a bit about debt

Using All Cash To Kick The Debt Habit

One common tactic adopted by people who are in severe financial straits is an all-cash lifestyle. They tear up all of their credit cards and

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Avoiding Boredom During A Financial Turnaround

One strong undercurrent of sentiment among commenters on this blog is that living a financially sensible lifestyle – spending far less than you earn, investing,

A Deeper Look At Dave Ramsey’s Seven Baby Steps To Financial Freedom – And How They Apply To Us

In a recent discussion about why I’m looking at paying off debt in the short term over investing, a reader mentioned Dave Ramsey’s book The

Why I Focus on Debt Freedom over Investing

Over the last few weeks, my wife and I have taken some serious looks at our overall financial state, our happiness with our current lifestyle,

The One Hour Project: Construct Your Debt Snowball (Or Something Like It)

If you’ve gone through even a few of the one hour projects in this series, you likely have some more money in your pocket. Don’t