Debt Snowball vs. The High Interest Approach

I’ve been looking for a good real-world example to compare the traditional “debt snowball” approach to the approach of paying off the high-interest loan first

Guilty Money: How Much Do You Have To Spend Frivolously Before You Feel Guilty About It?

Over the weekend, I had an IM conversation with an old friend of mine in which he stated that he felt guilty about spending $50

Six Steps To Eliminate Non-Credit Card Consumer Debt

Quite often, I focus in on credit card debt as one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle for escaping a bad debt situation, and


Looking For A Way Out: “Can’t Quit” Syndrome, The Value of Job Happiness, And How To Escape

I received a very long email from “Tony,” a long time reader, who had this to say (among many other things): I absolutely hate my

Figuring Out A Debt Strategy After The Home Purchase

My wife and I have spent extensive time thinking about a plan for repaying all of our debts after we move into the home. Our

Prepaying On Your Home Loan Is Just A Conservative Investment

One of the regular debates here on The Simple Dollar is the eternal question of whether someone should prepay on their home loan or not.

Cashing Out 401(k) To Pay Off Credit Card Debt?

A reader writes in with an interesting scenario: I’m 28 years old and I have two 401(k) accounts, both with about $30,000 in them. At

I’ve Loaned Money to My Friend and It Is Eating Me Up

I received two emails and comments in the last two days telling basically the same exact story: person lends friend money, friend doesn’t bother ever


Making All The Right Moves, Yet Still Unhappy

After my recent article about personal finance and happiness, I received the following email from a reader named “Constance”: I’ve always been pretty responsible with

What Aspects Of Personal Finance Bring You Happiness?

Over the weekend, I had a chance to read a truly excellent article entitled Finding the Joy in Frugality at David on Finance. David’s story

How To Budget Money While Making Debt Disappear

Many of us that have moved to online banking have our regular payments plotted out to be paid automatically, so we don’t have to worry

The Present Versus The Future

Not long ago, I was thinking about the financial lessons that some of my friends learned during their formative years from their parents. One close

Student Loan Debt: The Philosophy Of Debt

A reader wrote to me recently stating that she had about $40,000 in student loan debt at 4% (she locked in in late 2002 when

Should I Prepay On My Home Loan Or Put It Into Savings?

I had a lengthy and interesting discussion with my wife this morning about the interest rate on our home loan. We are locked in at

I Just Doubled My Salary – What Do I Do With The Money?

A reader (let’s call him Ralph) wrote in with the following interesting situation (that has some parallels to my own): About a year ago my

Considering Lending Money to Friends? Take This Advise

About three weeks ago, I made the mistake of lending a small amount of money to a friend against my better judgement. This friend promised

A Reader On The Cusp Of A Great Credit Rating

A reader recently sent in this question about her boyfriend’s credit, which seems to be on the cusp of being quite good. My boyfriend was

Student Loans 101: What To Look For To Pay For College

I recently received this email from a reader: I need some Buyer Beware advice on how to choose a lender for a student loan with

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