Using All Cash To Kick The Debt Habit

One common tactic adopted by people who are in severe financial straits is an all-cash lifestyle. They tear up all of their credit cards and

Should I Pay Off Low-Interest Debt or Invest?

This week, The Simple Dollar attempts to address challenging questions in personal finance by looking at both sides of the story and figuring out some

Avoiding Boredom During A Financial Turnaround

One strong undercurrent of sentiment among commenters on this blog is that living a financially sensible lifestyle – spending far less than you earn, investing,

A Deeper Look At Dave Ramsey’s Seven Baby Steps To Financial Freedom – And How They Apply To Us

In a recent discussion about why I’m looking at paying off debt in the short term over investing, a reader mentioned Dave Ramsey’s book The

Why I Focus on Debt Freedom over Investing

Over the last few weeks, my wife and I have taken some serious looks at our overall financial state, our happiness with our current lifestyle,

The One Hour Project: Construct Your Debt Snowball (Or Something Like It)

If you’ve gone through even a few of the one hour projects in this series, you likely have some more money in your pocket. Don’t

Should I Pay Off Debt or Invest?

The one personal finance issue that I debate internally over quite a bit is whether one should pay off debt or invest if all they

The One Hour Project: Create A Visual Debt Reminder

Keeping your focus on getting out of debt can be a challenge for some people. It’s so incredibly easy to just not think about it

(Just Like) Starting Over

Over the last day or two, I’ve been going through the piles of email that have built up since the birth of my daughter and

Potential Pitfalls For Paying Off Someone Else’s Debt

I received a really interesting story from a reader named John. He has his financial head in the right place, but some other pieces of

The Real Scoop On Debt Elimination Programs

I get a lot of email from readers (and from spammers) about so-called debt elimination programs – organizations that promise to “eliminate” large portions of

Minimizing Interest Rates Or Minimizing Monthly Payments?

A reader named Tom writes in to ask: You’re always talking about minimizing interest rates when it comes to reducing debt. Shouldn’t you really focus

How To Get Out Of Debt In A Few Easy Steps

Almost every day, I get a very sad tale of woe. It comes from someone who is carrying a debt load that seems to be

The Savings Bond Dilemma: Cash Them In Now Or Wait?

While going through some boxes after the move, I discovered four Series EE savings bonds, each with a face value of $100. They were given

30 Year vs. 15 Year Mortgage Income Tax Deduction

Earlier this week, I compared the real cost of 15 and 30 year mortgages of $200,000 at the current market rates, assuming 4% inflation on


A Down Payment Dilemma: Buy A Car Or Keep Saving For A House?

Jerry wrote in recently with the following problem: I and my wife are both graduate students; we recently paid off all our debts and started

Fixed Rate Mortgage: 15 year or 30 year Mortgage?

I recently read an article at Finance is Personal entitled Why You Shouldn’t Get A 30 Year Mortgage. It presents a great argument for why

Should I Be Saving Money Or Paying Down Debt?

On Thursday, I wrote about using a savings account to save up money, then using that amount to pay off a debt. This triggered the

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