Minimizing Interest Rates Or Minimizing Monthly Payments?

A reader named Tom writes in to ask: You’re always talking about minimizing interest rates when it comes to reducing debt. Shouldn’t you really focus

How To Get Out Of Debt In A Few Easy Steps

Almost every day, I get a very sad tale of woe. It comes from someone who is carrying a debt load that seems to be

The Savings Bond Dilemma: Cash Them In Now Or Wait?

While going through some boxes after the move, I discovered four Series EE savings bonds, each with a face value of $100. They were given

30 Year vs. 15 Year Mortgage Income Tax Deduction

Earlier this week, I compared the real cost of 15 and 30 year mortgages of $200,000 at the current market rates, assuming 4% inflation on


A Down Payment Dilemma: Buy A Car Or Keep Saving For A House?

Jerry wrote in recently with the following problem: I and my wife are both graduate students; we recently paid off all our debts and started

Fixed Rate Mortgage: 15 year or 30 year Mortgage?

I recently read an article at Finance is Personal entitled Why You Shouldn’t Get A 30 Year Mortgage. It presents a great argument for why

Should I Be Saving Money Or Paying Down Debt?

On Thursday, I wrote about using a savings account to save up money, then using that amount to pay off a debt. This triggered the

The Lowdown On Private Mortgage Insurance

Note: I was informed by several readers that PMI traditionally stands for private mortgage insurance, so I updated the article to reflect that. Many first

My Wife And I Debate Over Investing Or Paying Off Debt

About a week ago, I mentioned my investment plans now that we have a house. This post happened to be at the top of the


When Debt Forces You To Stay At An Untenable Job

Will wrote in with this terrible lament: My boss keeps ratcheting up the hours that have to be worked and it has reached the point

New Student Loan Benefits & Low-Cost Careers

For many people going to college, they’re scared to get involved with a major that won’t pay a lot. I know I was – after

Which is Best: Pay Off Debts Now Or Avoid Future Ones?

Ken wrote in with an interesting question that sometimes shows that paying down debts might not be the most prudent financial move: My girlfriend and

Debt Repayment 101

Brad’s looking at his debt and wondering where to start: My wife and I are trying to decide what to do with our “extra” income

Investment Risks: Going Into Debt To Invest Money?

Sam wrote in with the following question: I currently have no debt and am thinking of investing in the stock market. I can get loans

Procrastination, Money, And Me

A few days ago, I was reading a post at Money, Matter, and More Musings entitled Some Lessons From My Wallet. In it, the author

Why Debt Reduction is My Personal Finance Target

Recently, I had an individual write to me, telling me a lengthy tale of his mortgage. He was currently paying about 6% on it, but

Need a Home Equity Loan? Answer 3 Questions First.

One of my closest friends has been itching to turn half of his basement into a den of sorts, with a full bar, a big

Retirement Savings or Debt Repayment?

A few days ago, on my post about SmartMoney’s “7 Money Mistakes”, LTruslow left the following comment: I have always had a problem with those

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