Seven Practical Gifts for College Students

The holiday season is well under way. If you’ve got someone on your list who’s headed to college next semester or already there, here are

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College Financial Guide: Filling Out the FAFSA

There usually isn’t a conversation about college without the topic of money coming up. And rightfully so. College is expensive. CollegeData.com estimates that an in-state

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Why a Two-Year Degree May Be Your Best Investment

Most experts agree that the economic value of a bachelor’s degree far outweighs the average cost of earning one. However, recent research has made it painfully clear that

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How High School Students Can Financially Prepare for College

Preparing for college can seem overwhelming. The truth is, it’s never too early (or too late) to take steps while still in high school. There are

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13 Perks to Take Advantage of in College

Not to alarm you, but college is going to cost you a lot of money. Okay, so it’s no shocker that college and money go

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Student Loan Consolidation: Pros and Cons

Graduating from college comes with the acknowledgement of great achievement — and, if you’re like 70% of graduates, a burden on your back in the form of

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60 Awesome Student Discounts

One great way to reduce your student loan debt while you’re still in school is to keep to a budget. And one of the best


How to Save for Your Child’s College Education

When families talk about college, the subject of money is never far behind. Seeing so many graduates overloaded with student loan debt, with 19% of borrowers owing

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How to Build Your Resume in College

Building a resume is a tedious task, especially when you’re still in college. But a solid resume can help you score a great internship or

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Is This the Perfect Investment for Your Kid’s College Fund?

How’s this for a sweet investment: Anyone can buy it, with no fees or commissions. Its value has gone up by about 130% since 2000

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Smart Moves Students Can Make Over Winter Break

It’s hard to believe how fast the fall semester has gone by, but winter break is rapidly approaching for many college students. And while it’s

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12 Common Money Mistakes New College Graduates Make

Life after college graduation can be an overwhelming experience. Your whole world is changing. You may be both thrilled and sad to be done with your


Guide to Studying Abroad

Studying abroad is a general term for taking classes toward a college degree in another country. Program choices vary – you can find study abroad

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Common Money Mistakes College Students Make

College is an exciting time of new experiences, learning, and figuring out the rest of your life. Unfortunately, many of the mistakes we make in college can

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Year-by-Year College Financial Checklist

While there are steps you can take to ease your student loan debt at any age, you may actually have the most control over it while you’re

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Online Learning: College Without the Degree (or the Cost)

Online learning is revolutionizing education. Most of us take for granted that we have access to an incredible array of learning resources right at our fingertips.

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10 Worst College Degrees to Earn in 2015

Before you decide to go to college — or, more specifically, before you agree to take on a mountain of debt to pay for it —

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15 Ways to Reduce Your Loans While You’re Still in College

Stories of college graduates struggling to deal with their student loans are enough to scare away any bright-eyed college hopeful. If you’re thinking about college or in school right

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