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How to Insure Your Home Business

A business is a business regardless of where it’s located. That includes home-based businesses, which is why decisions about insurance should be based on need

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Small Business Money Traps to Avoid

First off, accept that you are going to make mistakes running your business. Calm down, we all do. And while it’s okay to lose a

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How to Start Your Own Insurance Business

Looking for a recession-proof business? Insurance is one of those industries that is largely untroubled by the state of the economy. The reason is that most

How to Land Your First Client

If you build it, they will come. Wishful thinking. And unfortunately, it’s the mentality many first-time entrepreneurs have before opening their doors. I, too, fell victim

10 Life Lessons of Entrepreneurship

When I started my own business several years ago, my primary goal was to surpass the five-year mark. I’d heard time and again that the

The Coolest Cooler

Everything You Need to Know About Crowdfunding

Ryan is trying to raise money for his startup. His idea is to build a luxury cooler (yes, the kind you store lunch and drinks in) for


Eight Ways to Prevent Entrepreneurial Exhaustion

All work, no play — at least until you meet your income goals. I used to think this was the surefire way to attain success

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14 Tips for Surviving the Startup Years

Dreams don’t always become reality, at least not on your timeline. That’s one of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned as a small business owner.

Best Project Management Software for 2015

Part 3 of our Small Business Tools Series tackles the best project management software. Previously we covered Best Cloud Storage Providers and Best Email Marketing

12 Budget-Friendly Steps to a Home Office Makeover

A home office is supposed to be a pleasant — maybe even ideal — place to work. But for many, it feels like a cave with four walls

Best Email Marketing Services for 2015

Email marketing services are crucial for today’s small businesses. A technology research firm, the Radicati Group, projects that there will be nearly 5 billion email

Best Cloud Storage Providers for 2015

The best cloud storage providers give you ample room to store your data and easy ways to share it, all at a reasonable price point.

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Maternity Leave for Women Entrepreneurs

In addition to the steady paycheck, another big perk of working in the corporate world is often the benefits package. For some, that includes six to 12 weeks of maternity leave.

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Saving Money in Your Startup — Part 4

If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, you’re constantly searching for ways to reduce expenses, increase revenue, and do things more efficiently. That’s why it’s

15 Money Principles for the Newly Self-Employed

Being an entrepreneur is scary at times. Income fluctuates, there are no guarantees, and only about half of all small businesses even make it to the

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17 Simple (and Mostly Free) Ways to Double Your Marketing Efforts

You’ve been in business for some time, but things have taken a turn for the worse: Operations are coming to a halt and the constant

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11 Lucrative Freelance Jobs That Are Still Growing

Building wealth boils down to a pretty simple equation: Either spend less money, or earn more of it. We offer plenty of ways to tighten up

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11 Money Moves to Make Before Becoming a Mommy-Preneur

For years, I sat behind a desk crunching numbers, analyzing spending trends, validating financial transactions and generating reports. (Sound exciting?) Although the day-to-day routine bored

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