The Old Green Chair

One of the big fixtures of the first apartment that Sarah and I shared was an extremely bright green chair. This chair had ancient floral-print


“Banking” Meals

One of the biggest challenges I’ve come across since changing my diet has been the struggle to always have ingredients on hand for meals I


Need a Frugal Gift for Someone? Relieve Some of Their Pressure

In July, my wife and I are attending a wedding for a couple that we’re very close to. As that date approaches, the couple is


Dinner With My Family #12: Slow Cooker Jamaican Red Bean Stew

Jamaican Red Bean Stew Kevin wrote in this week asking me if I could show some meals that utilized a slow cooker, as he’d love


Little Steps for Teaching Young Ones Frugality

This morning, as my children were waking up, I was inspecting their dresser drawers looking for clothes. I pulled out clean underwear and socks for


“Beyond” Frugality

A few days ago, someone made the interesting comment that they’re “beyond frugality” in their personal finance journey. When I asked her what she meant

You Need To Cut Your Spending. It Sounds Painful. Now What?

You’ve realized (finally) that you’re in a precarious financial situation. You’re spending more than you earn – sometimes quite a bit more. You’ve racked up


Dinner With My Family #11: Enchiladas, Vegan or Otherwise

Several people have emailed me recently, asking why I’m vegan. It’s not political at all. My dietitian simply recommended it based on some minor health


Dinner With My Family #10: Curry Pumpkin Soup and Sandwiches

Vegan Curry Pumpkin Soup I’ll be the first to admit that when I heard of the idea of curry pumpkin soup, I thought it sounded


Making Homemade Yogurt

Yep, you read that right. Homemade yogurt, in our crock pot. Of course, before we get started, it’s worth noting that I’m sharing something we


Dinner With My Family #9: Spinach and Artichoke Calzone

Spinach and Artichoke Calzone This week, I’m going to take two previous food articles (chicken, broccoli, and mozzarella calzones and fried rice with artichoke hearts)


Putting Food on the Table in Tough Times

Tony writes in: About two weeks ago, I lost my job. I was being paid cash to do some maintenance work but the guy hiring


Dinner With My Family #8: Fried Rice with Artichoke Hearts

Veggie Fried Rice with Artichoke Hearts Artichoke hearts are one of my favorite foods on earth. Whenever I see fresh artichokes on sale at the


“What Kind of Weirdo Makes Their Own Toothpaste?” A Case for Making Your Own Things

Yes, that quote in the title came from a reader who apparently stumbled upon the site in the last week for the first time and


Dinner With My Family #7: Spaghetti di Pesto alla Genovese

Spaghetti di Pesto alla Genovese Recipe I love Italian food. Sure, it can be pasta heavy, but it’s also often heavy on the fresh vegetables

A Collection of Free Kindle Resources

Dinner With My Family is taking a one week hiatus due to a cavalcade of visiting family and an inability to get good pictures of


I Don’t Have the Time to Be Frugal!

“So, what’s The Simple Dollar about?” people will ask me when I tell them what I do for a living. “Oh, it’s mostly about getting


Some Thoughts on Haircuts and Frugality

This past week, I was fairly irked by a tweet by a high-profile Twitter denizen that basically said “you’re a loser if you’ve ever cut

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