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Thrifty Thursday: Frugality Foils Anniversary Plans

Welcome to our new reader-inspired series, Thrifty Thursdays. We want to hear your most ingenious buck-stretching strategies, stories about your famously frugal family and friends, or embarrassing tales of

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12 Wildly Romantic Gestures in Movies

Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is frugal, too. Sure, splurging on a diamond necklace, an exotic getaway, a cherished memento, or a fancy

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10 Frugal Ways to Say ‘I Love You’

With Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s prime time for the usual onslaught of carefully crafted radio and television ads aimed at parting you and your hard-earned


63 Quick Tips to Save Money in College

We know college is expensive, and every little bit you can save helps. That’s why we’ve put together a list of quick tips to save money in

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Thrifty Thursday: No Hot Water, No Problem

Last week, we introduced a new reader-inspired series called Thrifty Thursdays. We want to hear your most ingenious buck-stretching strategies, stories about your famously frugal family and friends, or embarrassing tales

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15 Strategies for Saving Money at a Restaurant

I am a huge advocate for preparing and eating meals at home. It’s almost always drastically cheaper than eating out. You have fine control over

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Introducing Thrifty Thursdays

One of my favorite things about The Simple Dollar is all of the tips, tricks, hacks, and analysis Trent has written over the years on how


Why Your Budget Needs a Buffer

When my husband and I discovered zero-sum budgeting several years ago, we knew we were onto something. Because of the way zero-sum budgeting works, it

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The Big Impact of Your Little Financial Choices

When a person starts looking at their personal finances and seeking to make changes to improve things, most personal finance books and websites encourage people


Our Family’s Seven Favorite Make-Ahead Meals

One of our favorite frugal routines around here is the “make ahead meal.” It often fills our Saturday afternoons. A make ahead meal is a

Buying foods in bulk doesn't mean you have to cook in bulk as well. Photo: Wonderlane

Can You Save Money by Becoming Vegetarian?

Beef prices hit record highs last summer and prices for beef, pork, and eggs are expected to climb throughout 2015. Meanwhile, a growing body of research indicates that

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What Do New Parents Really Need?

If you ask baby boomers how parenting has changed over the years, many can name a host of once-safe practices that have since been outlawed. People

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Six Strategies for Maximizing the Value of a Warehouse Club

Over the holidays, I had a great conversation with several relatives about the compared merits of Sam’s Club and Costco (our conclusion was that you


What Do Frugal People Genuinely Do For Fun?

Over the past six months, this is probably the question I have heard the most often from readers. “What do you do for fun?” “Frugality


Twelve Strategies for Getting Food on the Table During a Money Crisis

One common question I hear from readers – and see on various personal finance message boards – goes something like this: Over the past few


Escaping the Trap of Eating Out Every Night

If you live in a city and have a busy schedule, it is really easy to fall into a cycle of eating out almost every

The Ultimate Guide to Cutting the Cable Cord

Cable television is expensive, not just in terms of money but also in terms of time. The service costs money, as does the electricity that


How to Find the Best Thrift Stores in Your Area

I have had a lot of success buying things at thrift stores, secondhand stores, and consignment shops. Here are just a few examples of things

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